Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week In Review (01/16/2012)

SOPA has been shelved. Congress decided to drop support of the controversial bill (which would have amounted to internet censorship) after President Barack Obama stated that he would oppose it. So finally Obama decided to grow a pair and actual oppose bad legislation that would have royally screwed the American people. Too bad he didn’t do that with the NDAA. (Internet censorship = Bad! Indefinite detention = Good!) But I’m not giving Obama the credit for this. The real credit goes to everyone on the internet who has been fighting this bill tooth and nail, including sites like Reddit and Wikipedia who have threatened blackouts. Good job guys! Keep up the good work!

Ron Paul wins second place in New Hampshire primary. First he wins third place in Iowa, now second place in New Hampshire. Could he possibly win first place in South Carolina? Does he have a chance as the Republican presidential nominee? Well, as much as it pains me to say it, and it REALLY pains me to do so, probably not. Look, like every other Ron Paul fanboy, I desperately want this man to be president. I really do. But if I had to be realistic, I have to admit that he doesn’t stand a chance. The man simply isn’t electable. Republicans don’t like him because he doesn’t want to invade other countries on a whim, and Democrats don’t like him because he doesn’t want to increase spending and taxes during an economic crisis. Of course, most Americans won’t vote for him simply because he wants to legalize pot and prostitution (because obviously prohibition has worked out for both of them). He’s simply too “radical” for the “status quo.”

U.S. Marines were caught on video urinating on Taliban corpses. Shortly after the video went viral, the marines were identified and are now pending disciplinary action. But seriously, is anyone shocked by this? Our troops aren’t exactly known for their good behavior, from torturing and humiliating prisoners in Abu Ghraib to killing innocent civilians for fun in Afghanistan. But then again, when our own military approves of torture practices (excuse me, “enhanced interrogation techniques”), can we expect our own troops to act any better? (Oh, and Rick Perry defended the Marines. Again, is anyone shocked by this?)

Secretary of Defense admits Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No. But we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability, and that’s what concerns us,” Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated during an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation. So even the Secretary of Defense himself admits that Iran doesn’t pose a nuclear threat. Will this prevent potential war with Iran? Oh, hell no! The Republican Party has been drooling over the idea of another war ever since we pulled out of Iraq. In fact, Rick Perry suggested that he would send our troops back into Iraq. Sigh. Those warmongering neocons are just like the mob: Just when you thought we were out, they pull us back in!

Jon Huntsman drops out of presidential race. And not a single flip was given in the Republican Party. Aside from Ron Paul, Huntsman was one of the few (if not only) Republican candidates who could be considered sane, which is why he was largely ignored and marginalized by his own party. Then again, it’s hard to call him “sane” when he supports the TARP bailouts and NDAA, and endorsed Mitt Romney after quitting the race.

Stephen Colbert announces presidential run. Following a poll which showed that most South Carolina voters favor Colbert over Jon Huntsman, Colbert announced his presidential run on his show and ceded his Super PAC to fellow satirist Jon Stewart. His first political ad attacked Mitt Romney as “Mitt The Ripper,” arguing that “If Mitt Romney truly believes corporations are people, then Mitt Romney is a serial killer” for forcing corporations out of business as head of Bain Capital. Now obviously Colbert isn’t seriously running for president, but is his presidential run any less farcical than that of the other candidates? If Donald Trump could be considered a “serious candidate,” why not Colbert?