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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pony Couples: Apple Jack/Caramel

Welcome back everypony to yet another edition of Pony Couples. All this month, I'm sharing my all-time favorite My Little Pony shippings. This week, I'm highlighting Apple Jack and Caramel.

And yes, I am aware that this shipping was probably killed in the last episode Heart And Hooves—or was it? The character of Caramel hasn’t been consistent through the series. In most episodes, he’s an earth pony, but in Sonic Rainboom, he was a pegasus. In The Last Roundup, he appeared in Ponyville sheering Apple Jack, but he also appeared at the Canterlot rodeo—with no clue who Apple Jack was! And then there’s Read It and Weep where the doctor had the same appearance as Caramel, expect he was a unicorn with a heart monitor cutie mark!

And who knows: maybe Caramel will break up with his “girlfriend” and fall for Apple Jack. That’s always a possibility.

But enough of that. Here are some of my favorite Apple Jack/Caramel fan art:

Caramel Apples by *bibliodragon on deviantART

Uh-oh! Looks like clumsy Caramel fell into the Apple Family’s caramel apple pot. But fortunately AJ is there to “clean him up.”

Request: Can't Catch Me by *Echowolf800 on deviantART

Caramel playing a friendly game of keep away with Apple Jack's cowboy hat.

Hay In Your Mane :PC: by =MoonLightTiger on deviantART

The two fooling around in the hay—and I mean that in a non-sexual way! (Or am I?)

CMSN Guess who by ~RedRenji-28 on deviantART

A really romantic picture for Valentine's Day—or rather, Hearts and Hooves day. I love how in most Apple Jack/Caramel pics, AJ is always the one to take the first step.

Caramel to the Rescue by *bibliodragon on deviantART

Early in the series, Caramel was interpreted by fans as the shy, quiet type. So it only makes sense that he would daydream about being the heroic type, especially when it comes to rescuing his secret love Apple Jack!

Caramel to the Rescue Part 2 by *bibliodragon on deviantART

A follow-up to the previous image. Love Big Mac’s eyes in this one! LOL! :D

Sweet mistletoe by =Ojos-Color-Bosque on deviantART

A special Christmas, or rather, Hearth Warming Eve, comic where Caramel actually kisses AJ under the mistletoe—and faints!

Disguise by =StaticWave12 on deviantART

I especially love this one, as it reconciles the Hearts and Hooves episode with the Apple Jack/Caramel shipping. It was AJ all along!

Caramel's Story by =DespisedAndBeloved on deviantART

This is the first part in a comic series about how Caramel met AJ. In this series, Caramel was a rich kid from Manehattan who befriends AJ when she comes to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange during Call of the Cutie. After she leaves, he falls into a great depression and determines to find her once again. You can read the rest of the series in =DespisedAndBeloved's gallery.

Applejack's Family by *dlazerous on deviantART

A married AJ and Caramel with their daughter Toffee Apple. And Caramel has a black cowboy hat–LIKE A BOSS!

And it wouldn’t be Pony Couples without some NSFW art. Nothing explicit in this one (as the two are fully-clothed), but it is suggestive.