Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pony Sunday: A Friend In Deed

Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome back to yet another Pony Sunday. Here are my thoughts on this week’s new episode, A Friend in Deed:

• Pinkie Pie in 80s exercise gear! (Was anyone else expecting a Showgirls reference?)
• And we get to see Pumpkin and Pound Cake again! :D
• LOL! Pinkie’s expression after sitting on the jacks.
• Looks like cows and donkeys are actual races in this world and not just ordinary animals.
• Roseluck sells lilies. You’d think she sell roses.
• The old pony with the pipe cutie mark (who appeared twice this season) is named Mr. Waddles.
• Zecora’s birthday coincides with Cheerilee’s.
• “Hoof Bump” is canon!
• Well, it wouldn’t be a Pinkie Pie episode without Pinkie Pie acting annoying.
• “Cranky Doodle Donkey”? How can there be a “Yankee Doodle Dandy” reference in a world without the good U.S. of A.?
• Well, we transitioned from the best song of the season to the worst!
• Really liked the felt cutout stop animation!
• And Pinkie holds the green felt check!
• “Ooh! What does this bobble do?” Exactly like Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab!
• Why does the episode with the best song also have some of the worst? Then again, I never expected much from Pinkie Pie’s songs, which I considered mostly bad.
• “Oh, silly me! I must have put the confetti in the over and the cake in the confetti cannons—again!”
• Pinkie Pie warns the town not to look at Cranky without his toupee. Sometimes I wonder how people manage to refrain from strangulating Pinkie to death.
• We finally get to see the Spa Sisters this season!
• “It’s not going to explode or anything. Promise!” Knowing Pinkie, it very well could of.
• The new toupee definitely looks better.
• LOL! Derpy is in the snow globe!
• Sheesh! Pinkie has absolutely no respect for other people’s property or privacy. It’s a wonder Cranky didn’t slap a restraining order on her during this episode!
• “That’s four ‘evers’. That’s like—forever!”
• And Rainbow Dash is still reading Daring Doo! :D
• Twilight’s headesk summed up my feelings exactly!
• Unnecessary chase scene is unnecessary.
• Does this remind anyone else of Griffon The Brush Off?
• Too many Pinkies! Must refrain from destroying TV!
• The eyeball through the keyhole: Creepy!
• Does anyone else feel that the “surprise” ending was tacked on? It’s not like there was any development or subtle enough clues to hint that Cranky was searching for Matilda. It’s just thrown in there.
• Real moral of the story: bother the ever living crap out of people if to make them to do what you want them to do.
• This is the first time the ending credits don’t play the ending theme music.