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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pony Sunday: Read It And Weep

Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome back to yet another “Pony Sunday.” Well, after this new episode, we have one more in the second season. Let’s hope they saved the best for last, because the second to last was, well, let’s be kind and say lackluster. “Read It And Weep” wasn’t one of the best episodes in the second season—or the entire series for that matter! But with that said, here are my thoughts on it:

• Loved the opening where you only see the ponies’ reaction (especially Pinkie Pie) to Rainbow Dash flying—and crashing!
• If Rainbow Dash’s wing is broken, why is she lying on her back? (And why is she wearing a hospital gown? It’s not like she or any other pony normally wears clothes.)
• Anyone else getting tired of the animators reusing pony bases for minor characters? That doctor is obviously Caramel with a unicorn horn! Obvious recolor is obvious!
• “Did the crash give her super spider powers?” *facepalm* A Spiderman reference? Really? Normally I like pop culture references, but this one was forced and contrived as hell!
• Rarity: “And the hospital gowns, they match the curtains!”
• Twilight Sparkle squees like Fluttershy! Kawaii!
• And this is why I hated the episode: the moral was too forced and preachy! Normally, the episodes are written well and don’t force the message down your throats. Here, it’s completely forced within a contrived, poorly-written episode. (Dash: “Dur Hur, reading is for faggots!” Ponies: “No, reading is fun! Give it a try!” Dash: “Ok, reading is fun now. I loves it!”) Barely five minutes into the episode and I wanted to stop watching. MLP: you can do better than this!
• Rarity: “Why, a good book is almost as magnificent as silk pajamas on a Sunday morning.”
• Twilight: “Reading is for everypony, Rainbow Dash!” (And that was the point I seriously contemplated ending the episode. Talk about talking down to your audience. MLP: you can do better than this.)
• Anyone else curious as to why a hospital-related episode didn’t feature Nurse Redheart?
• Meme Alert: Rainbow Dash bouncing ball against wall.
• How is drinking out of a cup a problem for ponies? Why have them if you can’t drink out of them?
• Anyone else expecting the lamp light bulb to burn out from Dash turning it off and on? But then again, how would she have been able to read?
• Why doesn’t the hospital have televisions? It would have kept Rainbow Dash from getting bored. But then again, do televisions even exist in Equestria? Just how does technology work in that world?
• “A few days, it might as well be a few months, or a few years.” Contrived similar lines are contrived!
• Awh! Look at the cute little kitty with the other big cats!
• What, no rolling giant boulder? So much for an Indiana Jones reference!
• Rained on my cumulus? *facepalm* Zapped my weather pony? *double facepalm* Stung my bumblebee? *triple facepalm* (How much longer is this episode? What? We’re barely ten minutes into this?!)
• LOL! Rainbow Dash pretending to sleep is lulzy!
• Still no giant boulder? Well, scorching magma seems like the next best thing.
• I can understand Rarity being disgusted by Dash’s eating habits, but Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie? Has anyone else seen the way THEY eat?
• And what exactly is that villain supposed to be? Some sort of dog?
• Spikes, spiders, snakes, and quicksand. How could that trap be any more cliché?
• Where did Rainbow Dash get the fireflies for her lantern?
• And Rainbow Dash is just pushed out of the hospital onto the curb. I’m guessing this is what Democrats think happens to patients who can’t afford health insurance.
• And the doctor accuses Rainbow Dash of being lazy. Again, this must be what Democrats think happens to patients who can’t afford healthcare.
• So rather than simply asking Twilight for a copy of the book, Rainbow Dash resorts to breaking and entering a hospital?! MLP: You can do better than this!
• Rainbow Dash squees like Fluttershy! Kawaii.
• Aww, look at the cute little kid nurse!
• They’re chasing her around Ponyville for such a minor incident? Really?
• Okay, I admit: the barking crazy patient was funny (though I found the doctor’s faith that she would go back to the hospital as instructed on her own rather naïve).