Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Friday: Wrestlicious

What would you do with over $35 million? For Jonathan Vargas, after winning the Powerball lottery, he bought what every young man desires: his own personal harem—or at least the closest thing to it: his own all-women’s wrestling league. (Meh! Same difference.)

In partnership with Johnny Cafarella, former producer of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Vargas started Wrestlicious, a wrestling program that began airing in syndication in March 2010 and features such personalities as vampiress Draculetta, farmgirl Cousin Cassie, “goddaughter” Toni the Top, surfer Malibu Mackenzie, and witch doctor White Magic.

If this sounds like the corniest thing you ever heard of, it’s probably because it is. But then again, what else can you expect from a fake sport with fake tits and fake acting?

Below is the promo trailer featuring the program’s cringe-worthy rap theme with lazy writing (how many times can one rhyme “Wrestlicious”?) and an obnoxious high-pitched announcer screaming “Wrestlicious.”

For those of you who didn't off yourselves by driving a power drill into your cranium, feel free to watch this riff by RandomDCE. I guarantee it’s more enjoyable than the promo itself.