Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romney Wins Florida, Paul Last Place

Yesterday was the Florida Republican Primary. Last week was early voting, which my folks and I took the opportunity to attend. I, of course, voted for Ron Paul; my parents, both Fox News junkies, voted for Mitt Romney. My mom insisted I vote for Romney since she claimed he had a better chance of winning, and voting for Paul would only be throwing away my vote.

And it would seem that she was right: Romney won by a landslide, while Paul finished dead last. Am I surprised? No. Here in Florida, the attack ads have been wall-to-wall Gingrich bashing—and really, at this point, the race is solely between Romney and Gingrich.

Am I disappointed? No. I knew Paul wasn’t going to win. He hasn’t in any other state. How could he? When the Republican establishment and media aren’t maligning him, they’re ignoring him.

Do I regret my vote? No! And that’s an emphatic “No!”

Because in the end, I did not vote for a flip-flopper who only now opposes issues he once supported in order to win the Republican vote. I did not vote for an adulterer who divorced his cancer-stricken wife because he thought she wasn’t pretty or young enough to be the wife of the president. And I did not vote for a theocrat who constantly embarrasses himself every time he opens his damn mouth.

I did vote for a man who has more integrity in his pinkie finger than the rest of the Republican candidates have combined. I voted for a man who has received most of his campaign donations from individual citizens rather than corporate special interests. I voted for a man who, unlike the other neocons, sincerely stands for conservative principles such as limited government and fiscal responsibility, who opposes unconstitutional measures such as warrantless wiretaps, torture practices, bank bailouts, preemptive war, drug prohibition, crony capitalism, internet censorship, and indefinite detention—in other words, everything the “conservative” Republican Party stands for!

And yes, I am well aware that Paul probably won’t receive the Republican ticket. I still support him, and I still won’t vote for the other three simply for the sake of ousting Obama this November. I may not like Obama, but I cannot with a clean conscience vote for the other Republican candidates.

If Ron Paul doesn’t receive the nomination, and he most likely won’t, I will switch my party affiliation from Republican to Independent and vote for Gary Johnson this November. And yes, I am well aware that a third party candidate like Johnson probably doesn’t stand a chance of becoming President. I don’t care. I only care about voting for the presidential candidate who represents my best interests, and sadly, none of the two parties within the illusion of choice can provide that. Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats. How much longer until the rest of America realizes this?