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Monday, February 20, 2012

This Week In Review (02/20/2012)

I was considering not doing a list for this week since most every news story or discussion I’ve come across has been about menial social issues like contraception and abortion. Republicans are either bitching about Obama’s contraceptive mandate or passing anti-abortion legislation in their states—whether it be personhood amendments or federally-mandated vaginal probes. Republicans are screaming “War on Religion.” Democrats are screaming “War on Women.” It’s much adieu about nothing.

But fortunately, there have been a few news stories about issues that actually matter. And here they are:

The Department of Justice failed to report its increased use of surveillance for four years. “Between 2004 and 2008, the Department of Justice failed to provide Congress with mandatory annual reports detailing its use of surveillance tools called pen registers and trap-and-trace devices, which record the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses that communicate with a targeted entity. During this time of congressional inattentiveness, the DOJ’s use of this technique nearly doubled, increasing from 10,885 to 21,152. Effective Congressional oversight of pen register/trap and trace activity is critical because the government may obtain court orders for this surveillance based on mere relevance to an investigation, rather than probable cause.” In other words, the federal government for four years straight has been left unchecked as it increasingly tried to keep a check on its own citizens through more invasive surveillance techniques. Who watches the Watchman, again?

Female passengers say they were unfairly targeted for TSA body scanners. Over 500 complaints have been filed against the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport by women claiming to have been unfairly targeted for full-body scans. Most of these complaints suggest that female passengers were disproportionately singled out for screenings over male passengers, and that they were the target of lewd remarks and behavior by TSA agents. We don’t know how many of these complaints are legit or not, and there is a chance many of them are bogus. But is this really unbelievable? When the government has the power to subject its own citizens to virtual strip searches (many of which can be easily leaked to the internet), it’s going to attract authority figures willing to abuse that power for their own self-indulgence. So of course we’re going to have sexist pigs working as TSA agents so they can have their own personal peep show. Go figure!

Obama Administration asks Supreme Court to dismiss ACLU challenge to warrantless wiretapping law. In March 2011, the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) allowing the government “unchecked power to monitor Americans’ international phone calls and emails.” Even though an appeal court’s ruling allowed the lawsuit to be move forward, the Obama administration has since intervened and have asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit. But what else can you expect from the same administration which has extended the PATRIOT Act (twice!), approved the assassination of an American citizen, and signed into law a bill allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens. Why do liberals support Obama again? How is he any different from the last guy?

The Maine GOP has agreed to consider late caucus votes. To no one’ surprise, Mitt Romney allegedly beat Ron Paul in the Maine caucus—I say “allegedly” because not all of the votes from all of the counties were counted: three of Maine’s 16 counties had their votes left uncounted! For example, Washington County had postponed its caucus due to a potential snowstorm, and even though they were told that their vote would still be counted in the state caucus, state party chairman Charlie Webster had announced that no more votes would be counted. This move was considered so outrageous that the Waldo County GOP has moved to have Webster removed as state chairman. The Maine GOP has since considered a recount that would tally the missing votes. Many have considered the whole mess to be a ploy by the Republican party to steal votes from Ron Paul (as was suspected with the Iowa caucus), and while I’m no conspiracy theorist, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Leaked memos reveal Media Matters coordination with the government and media. Media Matters is a watchdog group that monitors bias in the media—and by “bias,” they really mean anything that doesn’t align with their left-wing agenda. As such, they tend to target conservative figures and networks, even going so far as to hold campaigns (even though tax-exempt non-profit organizations are forbidden from politicizing) to have them removed from the air. Remember how Glenn Beck was canned from Fox News? That was Media Matters! But Media Matters has recently proven to be even more sinister and shady, as the Daily Caller brought to light several leaked memos and sources revealing that the organization has been coordinating with the government and media. The investigation shows that Media Matters has frequently met with government officials—including those from the White House—and have heavily influenced news networks—even going so far as writing their own stories! So in other words, we have an organization working with the media to get the government’s message across while simultaneously targeting and crushing any form of dissent? Ladies and gentlemen, Media Matters is Obama’s Ministry of Truth!

Dumbasses of the Week

3rd Place: Rick Santorum: I don’t know which is worse: Santorum always leading this list, or him always leading in the national polls? Well, this time, he’s relatively lower on this list for making a relatively dumb comment—though a comment Ron Paul supporters like myself would have him ranked as #1! After losing to Romney in the CPAC straw poll, Santorum accused Ron Paul of having rigged former polls in order to win. “For two years Ron Paul has won those because he just trucks in a lot of people, pays for their ticket, and they come in and vote and they leave,” Santorum said. “We didn’t do that. We don't do that. I don't try to rig straw polls.” Hey Rick, did it ever cross your mind that Ron Paul has always won, not because he rigs polls, but because he doesn’t say stupid shit like you do? Funny how other Republicans accuse Ron Paul of rigging elections when the past few months have proven that Republicans have been rigging them against Ron Paul. Projection, anyone?

2nd Place: Foster Friess: Who can be dumber than Rick Satorum? How about one of his supporters? And not just any supporter, but one of his top supporters—one of the largest donors to his campaign! That supporter is Foster Friess, and aside from giving the most money to Santorum through his largest SuperPAC, he’s also given the most retarded comment concerning contraception. In the midst of the controversy surrounding Obama’s contraceptive mandate, Friess calimed there was no need for women to have access to affordable birth control. “Back in my day, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives,” he said. “The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.” Three points: First, Bayer’s Aspirin is not a contraceptive and has never been used as such, even “back in the day.” Second, even if it was, it’s oral medication. It only works by ingesting it with your mouth. You can’t take it any other way. Third: even if you ignored points one and two, why would you use it between your knees? How would that even work? Between your legs, maybe. But your knees? Sheesh! Friess might as well have suggested using Coca-Cola as a contraceptive!

1st Place: Liz Trotta (Fox News): The Pentagon recently reported that sex crimes committed by soldiers have risen by 97 percent over the past five years. Obviously, no one in their right mind would defend the rape of women in the military—or the rape of women, period! Enter Fox “News” pundit Liz Trotta. Concerning the increase of rape in the military, Trotta had this to say: “Now, what did they expect? These people are in close contact, the whole airing of this issue has never been done by Congress, it's strictly been a question of pressure from the feminists.” Do I even have to explain everything wrong with this?!