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Friday, March 30, 2012

Answering Hate Mail

Here’s a comment I received from my post Your Rights End Where Life Begins:
You are everything that is wrong with America. You confuse our independence from Britain with some weird independence from nearly any sort of government or regulations.
Ah yes, the whole “libertarians hate all government” misconception.

No we don’t. We do believe that some government is necessary in order to protect our individual rights. That’s the whole reason why we have government in the first place. (Just check the Declaration of Independence!) The problem is when government oversteps its Constitutional boundaries, which has been the case for the past decade.

Speaking of which:
You cry about "Constitutional rights" all the time even when there is clearly no violation of them to any level-headed person.
Patriot Act. Enemy Expatriation Act. Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011. Stop Online Piracy Act. Protect IP Act. The Individual Mandate within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Targeted assasinations. Body scanners and invasive pat down procedures. Drug prohibition. The many acts of police brutality.

I could go on, but I’ll simply link to the Washington Post article 10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free.
You don't realize, or perhaps don't even care, how oppressive businesses would be without government regulation, and how it would put our minorities back to the bottom of the hierarchical racial tree they were at prior to the Civil Rights movement.
Again, libertarians like myself are not against all government, including government regulation. Yes, capitalism—even laissez-faire capitalism—requires some regulation to prevent businesses from infringing upon individual rights. The problem is that, contrary to popular misconception, we have too much regulation, and it does more harm than good. I could explain right here and now, but I already covered this in a previous essay What Deregulation?

As for the whole “minorities are hurt the most by big business” bit, I’ll share this video by ShaneDK explaining why this isn’t the case: Racism: In Business or Government?
You're so accustomed to the modern world that you assume any sort of regulation is unnecessary and believe in this ancient laissez-faire bullshit that everybody should be on their own, even those who are unfortunate enough to be born into less-than-favorable economical and social conditions.
Not all regulation is unnecessary, but unfortunately, a good chunk of them are. John Stossel actually wrote an excellent piece explaining this: Job Killers.

And yes, I do believe that people should be responsible for their own lives. I don’t see why libtarded moonbats have a problem with personal responsibility. That’s what freedom is all about. You can’t be free to live your own life if you’re dependent upon another. That’s slavery.

As for "people born in less-than-favorable economical and social conditions," the best way to help them is precisely through laissez-faire capitalism. History has shown that when capital increases, so does living standards, and the only economic system capable of doing that is capitalism. How else did America transform from an agrarian society into an industrialized superpower within the past 200 years? Yes, the rich has been getting richer, but so have the poor and middle class. Shikha Dalmia of Reason Magazine explained this in a recent article: Forget About Income Inequality.
And to put the icing on the cake, you won't even grant these unfortunates the dignity of being aborted from this hellish, Industrial Revolution-esque world that uninformed non-thinkers like you actually want made into reality.
Well, if people want to end their own life, they certainly have the freedom to do so. The problem is that suicide, especially assisted suicide, requires consent—something the unborn child is unable to voice, and it would be arrogant for someone else to voice it on their behalf. An abortion isn't suicide, it's homicide.
But then again, maybe I'm expecting too much knowledge from somebody who watches a show for little girls about ponies. I guess I was just thrown off by the whole political blog thing that suggests you're at all in-touch with the real world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Rights End When Life Begins

Your Rights End When Life Begins by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

Your Rights End When Life Begins by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

Libertarians like myself and Ron Paul tend to have our libertarianism questioned when we speak out against abortion. “How can you call yourself a libertarian when you’re against a woman’s right to choose?” we’re asked. “Don’t you believe in a woman’s right to her own body?”

But that’s the thing: I do believe in a woman’s right to her body. As a libertarian, I support every human being’s right to their own body, regardless of their gender, and I believe the government has no right to dictate what they do with it—especially in the privacy of their own bedroom.

However, concerning the issue of abortion, I have this to say: freedom is not absolute! The freedom to swing your fists ends where another’s nose begins. Every human being, regardless of gender, has a right to their own body only to the extent that they do not infringe on the rights of another human being and their body.

And I assume everyone is smart enough to see where I’m going with this…

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daily Show Showcases MSNBC Failures

The Daily Show released a series called "Cable News News" which featues video montages of their past segments poking fun at cable news networks including CNN, C-SPAN, and Fox News (of course). The one I’m featuring here is on MSNBC (as anyone who has followed my blog would expect):

Just some of the featured moments of MSNBC Fail (or as the video description calls them: “the horrible segues, questionable guests and mediocre stories that make MSNBC almost unwatchable.”):

• A promo that boasts “We don’t tell you how to think, we understand you can think for yourself!” Adding comedic relief to already unintentional comedy, Jon replied by wagging his finger at the camera and playfully chiding, “Oh MSNBC! Flattery will get you everywhere!”
• An anchor standing in a model of Saddam Hussein’s spider hole in studio. Jon’s response: double facepalm!
• A humorous segment of a squirrel jumping a fence (“Super Squirrel”) followed by a not-so-humorous update on the Columbine High School shootings. (Way to set your priorities!) Jon merely responded by rubbing his eyes in disbelief before furiously shaking his head with a “Wha-huh?” expression.
• A feature story on McDonald’s healthier menu items with an in-studio interview with—Ronald McDonald?! Jon’s response: “Either my TV is broken, or MSNBC is!” (In MSNBC’s defense, at least the interview was more dignified than Olbermann’s Special Comment with Sarah Palin’s Left Hand!)
• A story introduced with an audio clip of children screaming “No Way!” Jon switches the channel to ESPN’s Sports Center.
• A segment featuring “Sexy Palin Photos.” (“Hey, look at that, they’re using those Photoshopped photos of Sarah Palin in a bikini that got passed around during the campaign and are, of course, fake! And since MSNBC is a ‘news’ network, I’m sure they already knew that.”)
• A Daily Show segment about Keith Olbermann’s suspension after making political donations against company rules. Jon mentioned that Olbermann would be suspended indefinitely before being cut off by MSNBC footage claiming that Olbermann was being reinstated the next night, to which Jon replied “Lesson learned!”

It’s too bad Jon didn’t feature his Special Comment on Keith Olbermann’s attack on Scott Brown. That was his best segment by far!

First Day Of Spring: Winter Wrap-Up

art by Jim-San

It’s the first day of spring. Winter’s over. And you know what that means: WINTER-WRAP UP!

To be honest, down here in Florida, it’s barely felt like winter at all—save perhaps one week when it was actually below freezing. In fact, right now, it feels less like spring and more like summer.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just Florida. What’s the weather like in the rest of the country (or world), guys?

And to all my fellow Pony fans: what Winter Wrap-Up team would you be on? Personally, I'm not the outdoors type of person, but if I had to choose, I would have to go with the Weather team, only because I would be a Pegasus and be able to fly. (Though I’m more of the unicorn type—but you can’t use magic during Winter-Wrap Up!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

art by Zicygomar

I know it’s late, but Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

To be honest, even though I’m Irish, I don’t really commemorate the holiday—especially considering most of it is celebrated by drinking, which I don’t do. But for my followers who do celebrate the holiday, I hope you all have a good one tonight, and if you drink, make sure to do so responsibly and have a designated driver available.

And I leave you all with a crappy AMV of “Another Irish Drinking Song” by Da Vinci’s Notebook:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pony Sunday: Double Feature

Yes, I know I said I was going to postpone these regular posts during my hiatus. And yes, I know that today isn’t “Saturday”—yet! And yes, I know these two episodes are old news by now.

But you know what? I don’t care!

These past two episodes have been the best of the second season by far, and are officially my favorite (considering they feature my two favorite characters Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle respectively). So allow me to share my thoughts on “Putting Your Hoof Down” and “It’s About Time.”

art by johnjoseco

Putting You Hoof Down

• Anyone else think Angel bunny acted like a total prick towards Fluttershy in this episode? The ungrateful turd actually had the audacity to slap her in the face! KILL THE WABBIT! KILL THE WABBIT! KILL THE WABBIT!
• If you look closely in the marketplace, you can see Pipsqueak from “Luna Night.” (Yay! One of my favorite background ponies.)
• The pony selling asparagus was one of the stallions pulling a train in “Over A Barrel.”
• The elderly pony who cut in front of Fluttershy was one of the senior citizens saved by Rainbow Dash in “The Mysterious Mare Do Well.”
• Question: Since an old photo of Cheerilee from “Call Of The Cutie” showed that Equestria already went through an 80s phase, wouldn’t it be weird that two ponies dress and act like it’s still the 80s? I mean, who dresses and acts like that today in our world?
• The geeky pony with the acne, glasses, and bowtie = favorite new background pony! (I shall dub thee Poindexter!”
• Rarity wasn’t really being “assertive.” More like she was being “flirty.”
• The price of tomatoes rises from one bit to two within one week? Who knew inflation exists in Equestria! Wonder if they also have a Federal Reserve responsible for it. (Then again, Equestrian currency is clearly metal-based, unlike our fiat currency which is more susceptible to inflation. But perhaps I’m overanalyzing.)
• Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season. Fire!
• Again, Pinkie Pie wasn’t being “assertive” as she was being just “confusing.”
• The pony selling cherries is one of the construction workers saved in “The Mysterious Mare Do Well.”
• Anyone else think the cherry-selling pony sounded like Pete?
• So even though Fluttershy went through all that trouble to make Angel’s special dish minus the cherry, the little turd treats her like shit?! That’s it. Angel needs to go like the pet bunny in Fatal Attraction! Rabbit Stew time!
• That’s the second time any pony has said “As Celestia as my witness.” The first time it was said by Rarity in “Sisterhooves Social.”
• You have to wonder why Bon Bon or Daisy would need assertiveness training. They’re clearly assertive enough to kick Fluttershy into the back of the arena.
• Eye of the Tiger!
• Mr. Green Hooves (the pony overwatering Fluttershy’s petunias) is the same gardener pony from “The Best Night Ever.”
• Okay, allow me to list all of Fluttershy’s rhymes here for sake of convenience:
o “Treat me like a pushover, and you’ll get the once over.”
o “When some pony tries to block, show them that you rock.”
o “Maybes are for babies.”
o “You laugh at me, I wrath at you!”
o “Cut in line, I’ll take what’s mine!”
o “You apologize, I penalize.”
o “You make me lose, I blow my fuse.” (The way she said it sounded absolutely orgasmic, IMHO!)
• Many bronies went wild over the fact that socks actually exist in Equestria. Somehow, I’m not impressed. I don’t know. I’m just not into the creepy sock fetish.
• “Now go to the back of the line where you belong.” Anyone else elated by that?
• Anyone else think how Fluttershy reacted to Pinkie Pie was slightly uncalled for?
• And Fluttershy is totally using the Canterlot voice.
• Just how long was Fluttershy boarded up in her house? It looks like it’s in complete shambles.
• “Iron Will collects NOW!” Sounds like the announcers you hear in infomercials. “Call for this special offer NOW!”
• Iron Will definitely is a parody mix between Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.
• And Fluttershy forces Angel bunny to eat his veggies—using the Stare, by all means!

art by johnjoseco

It’s About Time

• Twilight is a member of the Ponyville Hay Board (Whatever that is).
• Future Twilight looks like Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4, and she appears from the future like the Terminator (except she’s not naked!)—yet another reason why grown men like Pony cartoons!
• “What was she trying to warn me about?” I don’t know, Twi. Maybe if you actually shut up and listened to her, you wouldn’t have to guess!
• And Doctor Whooves laughs at Twilight for suggesting she was visited from herself in the future. I don’t know. Did anyone else expect him to play a larger role in this episode? I mean, time travel, Doctor Whooves. His name is canon, after all. Why not be consistent?
• Pinkie Pie gave the best lines in this episode:
o (While hanging from balloons) “Run for your life”
o (Screams, then pauses) “Anypony else want to panic with me? No?” (Continues screaming.)
o “Okay everypony, follow my lead.” (Screams.)
o “I have balls stashed all over Ponyville, in case of ball emergencies.”
o (After being asked if she finished recalibrating the apertures on the telescopes): “I have no idea.”
• What the ponies do to “disasterproof” Equestria during montage:
o Rarity and Apple Jack: Fill cracks in dam.
o Mrs. Cake: Fill water tower.
o Pinkie Pie and Big Mac: Fix bridge.
o Cutie Mark Crusaders: Clean sidewalk.
o Spike: Fill cracks in library walls.
o Pinkie Pie and Rarity: Trim hair.
• Apparently, Tatarus from ancient Greek mythology exists in Equestria, and Cerberus guards it to keep all the ancient evils from escaping, as it did in mythology. Then again, MLP:FIM does play off Greek mythology a lot. (Manticores. Hydras. Griffons. Minatours.)
• Cerberus was about to take a piss on one of the buildings! LOL!
• And Fluttershy manages to subdue it by rubbing its tummy. As of now, she has tamed a Manticore, shamed a dragon, stared down a cockatrice, wrestled a bear, stood her ground with a minotaur, and now subdued Cerberus. Fluttershy is officially the most epic pony ever! (More so that Rainbow Dash!)
• Twilight goes on an epic adventure—and we don’t get to see it! (And thus a million fanfics were launched!)
• Twilight seriously wants to stand in place for a good week? Wouldn’t staying in bed be an easier way to do nothing? (But then again, we wouldn’t get the comic relief.)
• Madame Pinkie? Really? (Then again, she looks good as a gypsy!)
• “The Mystical Orb of Fate’s Destiny”? “Fate’s Destiny”? Isn’t that redundant?
• If the Pinkie Sense is only for immediate emergencies, how is she able to predict that Twilight will receive an awesome birthday present next year? (Maybe the fortune-telling thing is a gimmick.)
• Funny how in this episode, Pinkie Pie comes off as being the sane one over Twilight.
• The equation on the chalkboard is actually a real equation: Check it out!
• Moar Metal Gear Solid references!
• The guard knows Twilight and happily opens up the secret section for her. Pays to be Celestia’s prized student!
• How can Pinkie Pie be so oblivious? She was the first pony Twilight told about her future self and the “disaster.”
• If Celestia raises the sun, how can she be in the library with Twilight just seconds after the sun had risen?
• So Twilight goes back into the past to tell herself not to worry about the future, but she only worried about the future because she had gone back in time to warn herself about the future. (YOU’VE CREATED A TIME PARADOX!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Demotivational Poster: Slut

Slut by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

I don’t care about Rush Limbaugh. I never listened to his show. I could care less that his advertisers are abandoning him like rats from a sinking ship. If he loses his show (which is probably unlikely), it would make no difference to me. In my opinion, Limbaugh is a neocon shill who represents the brand of phony conservatism that preaches limited government while shoving our Constitution through the paper shredder. The sooner we are rid of him and other like-minded neocons, the better the conservative movement will be.

I only find it interesting (if not disturbing) that, of all the things he could be kicked off the air for saying, Limbaugh risks losing his show over calling some woman a “slut.” This reminds me of a similar instance a year ago when left-wing radio host Ed Shultz was temporarily kicked off the air for calling conservative pundit Laura Inghram a “slut.” (Apparently, “slut” is the missing eighth word you can’t say on television—or in this case, radio.) Several months later on his MSNBC show, he featured video footage of Rick Perry complaining about a “big black cloud in Washington,” which Shultz implied was a racist remark against Obama. It was later revealed that the video footage had been edited, and Perry was really referring to “a big black cloud” of debt. To this day, Shulz still has a spot on MSNBC.

And this clearly illustrates the problem with America: it prioritizes political correctness over actual correctness. Both Limbaugh and Shulz can get away with spreading lies and misinformation on their shows, but the minute they say something “offensive”—like calling a woman a “slut”—they risk being kicked off the air.

The past few years have seen the firing of several notable pundits: Don Imus lost his MSNBC show for calling a girls’ basketball team “nappy-headed hoes.” Juan Williams was kicked off NPR for claiming he felt nervous when flying on the same plane as Muslims. Helen Thomas lost her White House seat after demanding the Jews “get the hell out of Palestine.” Dr. Laura lost her radio show after using the n-word in a non-racial context. Meanwhile, pathological liars like Michael Moore, Al Gore, and Paul Krugman continue to profit from spreading their reality-challenged propaganda. Here in America, you’re free to lie, but not to insult.

And don’t get me wrong: as my name implies, I’m all for free speech, and I believe everyone has a right to say whatever the hell they want outside of “let’s kill this person.” But freedom demands personal responsibility. You are only free to say what you like provided you are held accountable for what you say, and if we are going to hold people accountable, it should be for saying something dishonest rather than simply offensive. Too bad in America we’re only concerned about what personally insults us rather than what should insult our intelligence—and there is nothing more insulting than a lie.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog Hiatus

I plan on putting my blog on hiatus for the entire month of March. I’m basically doing this in order to give myself more time to attend to other priorities in my life.

Does that mean I won’t be making posts? No. Just my regular posts like “This Week In Review,” “Pony Saturday,” and “WTF Fridays.” Those posts will resume in April. If I do post anything else this month, it will be some items which have more effort put into them.

Other than that, see you all back in April.