Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daily Show Showcases MSNBC Failures

The Daily Show released a series called "Cable News News" which featues video montages of their past segments poking fun at cable news networks including CNN, C-SPAN, and Fox News (of course). The one I’m featuring here is on MSNBC (as anyone who has followed my blog would expect):

Just some of the featured moments of MSNBC Fail (or as the video description calls them: “the horrible segues, questionable guests and mediocre stories that make MSNBC almost unwatchable.”):

• A promo that boasts “We don’t tell you how to think, we understand you can think for yourself!” Adding comedic relief to already unintentional comedy, Jon replied by wagging his finger at the camera and playfully chiding, “Oh MSNBC! Flattery will get you everywhere!”
• An anchor standing in a model of Saddam Hussein’s spider hole in studio. Jon’s response: double facepalm!
• A humorous segment of a squirrel jumping a fence (“Super Squirrel”) followed by a not-so-humorous update on the Columbine High School shootings. (Way to set your priorities!) Jon merely responded by rubbing his eyes in disbelief before furiously shaking his head with a “Wha-huh?” expression.
• A feature story on McDonald’s healthier menu items with an in-studio interview with—Ronald McDonald?! Jon’s response: “Either my TV is broken, or MSNBC is!” (In MSNBC’s defense, at least the interview was more dignified than Olbermann’s Special Comment with Sarah Palin’s Left Hand!)
• A story introduced with an audio clip of children screaming “No Way!” Jon switches the channel to ESPN’s Sports Center.
• A segment featuring “Sexy Palin Photos.” (“Hey, look at that, they’re using those Photoshopped photos of Sarah Palin in a bikini that got passed around during the campaign and are, of course, fake! And since MSNBC is a ‘news’ network, I’m sure they already knew that.”)
• A Daily Show segment about Keith Olbermann’s suspension after making political donations against company rules. Jon mentioned that Olbermann would be suspended indefinitely before being cut off by MSNBC footage claiming that Olbermann was being reinstated the next night, to which Jon replied “Lesson learned!”

It’s too bad Jon didn’t feature his Special Comment on Keith Olbermann’s attack on Scott Brown. That was his best segment by far!