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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Irrational PZ Myers

PZ Myers

Isn’t it ironic that those who espouse logic and reason tend to be the most illogical and irrational?

In a blog post entitled Irrational Humans, atheist PZ Myers blasts the pro-life movement as irrational, claiming that “reason doesn’t even exist for these people, just blind, fawning adoration of babies.” But then he goes on to attack the “human life” defense with this bit of irrational illogic:
The argument is never about whether some state is alive or not. Your appendix and tonsils are great masses of living cells, but if the organ becomes inflamed, doctors will cut them out and throw them away. Every time you poop, about a third of that mass that you excrete and flush away consists of living bacterial cells, yet no one hesitates and feels regret at the tragic loss of life when their hand is on the handle.
You’d think the associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris would be able to tell the difference between a human fetus and a piece of crap. I only have a basic high school understanding of biology and even I can tell the difference: the turd is incapable of any sentient thought, whereas the fetus starts developing brain activity six weeks after conception (and it can start feeling pain after 24 weeks).

As can be expected with most pro-abortion advocates, PZ Myers goes on to frame the debate as being about human personhood rather than human life, which is disingenuous considering personhood (and the rights that come with it) begins with life, and life begins at its earliest point, which is conception.

He then claims that “we are not absolutists about protecting all life; we can’t be.” This coming from the same man who said of the execution of Troy Davis: “I don’t care whether he was guilty or innocent, the death penalty is barbarous and irrevocable.” Yes, we can’t be absolutist about life, unless it involves the life of a death row inmate, then it’s absolutely absolute!

(For the record, while I once supported the death penalty, I no longer do—not because I consider executing a convicted murderer immoral, but because the death penalty itself is costly and ineffective.)

He then attacks pro-lifers who consider the human fetus a baby:
This is the motivation behind all those intrusive ultrasound laws — you are supposed to surrender reason and decide that because something has a face and hands and heartbeat, it is exactly the same as a teenage girl who wants to go to college, or the young woman who discovers her much-hoped-for pregnancy has gone awry and the fetus is lethally deformed. It’s demeaning to real human beings.
Funny. There was once a time in human history when the same could be said of comparing African-American slaves to white slave owners. (What? Black slaves are the same as us white folks, and we should therefore grant them the same rights? My how demeaning to real human beings!)

But then PZ Myers goes full-blown pants-on-head irrational when he tries arguing that, by that same logic, a newt has the same rights as a woman, as it’s also a “living creature with a face and hands and a heartbeat.” Again, as with the crap and fetus, there’s a major difference between a newt and a woman: one is an amphibian; the other, a human being.

Did I mention that PZ Meyer is a biology professor?

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