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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pony Humans: Applejack

I’ll be honest here: while compiling the pictures for this installment of “Pony Humans,” I was listening to “Redneck Woman” on a loop. Personally, I don't care for the song, but it is fitting for Applejack.

Applejack by `meago on deviantART

We start off with the typical country girl look: cowboy boots, cut-off jean shorts, and a midriff-revealing shirt. Looks like she's really keeping it country here.

.:Good Apples:. by ~Shineymagic on deviantART

A cute picture with human Apple Jack with her pony self. Though you have to wonder why her pony self is so short. She looks more like a cat than a pony!

MLP FiM - Applebucker by ~xTRINOx on deviantART

Apple Jack doing what she does best: Apple Bucking!

Applekick by ~lordvader914 on deviantART

Another apple bucking picture, though with her as an anthro rather than as a human. The artwork is of lower quality, what with it being colored pencil, but somehow surpasses that of the above picture.

Human Apples by *johnjoseco on deviantART

I just had to add one here of her with her kin folk Big Mac and Apple Bloom. And this one is drawn by none other than the famous johnjoseco!

Sales by *CherryPup-E on deviantART

And here’s one of her in her gala dress. Looks like she can bake a good apple pie. (And Soarin’ would agree!)

Hey There Sugarcube by ~Shineymagic on deviantART

What else can I say but "KAWAII!"?

Ponies in Sundresses-- AppleJack by ~LadyFitz on deviantART

Normally, human Applejack is drawn wearing jeans or overalls. Here she’s in a sundress. And yet it seems to suit her very well.

Commission - MLP Applejack by *lyamangaka on deviantART

I only knew that Applejack would make for a sharp shooter. What can be sexier than a girl who can handle a gun?

AJ by ~dead-kittens3 on deviantART

How about a girl who can work a whip?

Hat Wearing Mare by =BlackDragonAJ89 on deviantART

Or use a lasso?

MLP Human AppleJack by ~D-Xross on deviantART

My what big—uh—eyes you have. (Yeah, that's right. Eyes!)

Applejack Sitten' Perdy v2 by ~Ellis1342 on deviantART

If you like this one, you’ll really enjoy the NSFW version! ;)

AppleJack by *hirurux on deviantART

Those are some big apples you have there, Applejack, and by apples, I mean…

Rossa Mela by ~Alexlayer on deviantART

Applejack doesn’t normally dress “fancy,” so she must be doing this for a special somepony. (Caramel, perhaps?)

Applejack by ~Aurastar-Taijiya on deviantART

It’s always a good morning when you wake up next to Applejack. (Well, at least for Caramel it is!)