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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pony Humans: Fluttershy

For the second installment of my “Pony Humans” collection, I’m showcasing human and anthro art of my other favorite pony, Fluttershy:

Fluttershy by *Christinies on deviantART

Let’s start with a sweet and innocent human Fluttershy sitting among her animal friends.

Fluttershy by ~irving-zero on deviantART

This human Fluttershy reminds me of a Greek dryad (forest nymph). It would only be fitting for Fluttershy to be one, what with her affinity with nature.

Fluttershy by *ninjaninjanoob23 on deviantART

Human Fluttershy with a parasprite. Careful, Shy Shy! You remember what happened last time you brought home one of those critters.

Fluttershy by *Don-KomandoRR on deviantART

This human version manages to maintain the wings, tail, and ears. Very sultry, if you ask me.

Fluttershy by ~CrazyNoiseMaker on deviantART

The cutie mark above her right bosom is a nice touch!

My Little Angel by =aeolus06 on deviantART

Human Fluttershy with Angel bunny. At least this bunny can’t slap her. (Ungrateful varmint!)

Human Fluttershy by ~Alipes on deviantART

A slightly older human Fluttershy in a butterfly sundress. Reminds me of a 50s house wife. Fluttershy would make a great wife—especially for Big Mac!

Fluttershy by *PrettyKitty on deviantART

That expression! It makes me melt like butter!

ACEO Fluttershy by *nickyflamingo on deviantART

Now this one definitely looks like a Greek dryad, and the costume seems to be more revealing. (I can see her cutie mark on her thigh!)

MEP- Fluttershy by *RyuuKiba on deviantART

Move over, Beastmaster! This pegasus filly can tame a manitcore, dragon, bear, and even Cerberus! She’s literally the queen of beasts, with the entire animal kingdom at her beckoning.

Fluttershy Girl by ~Magy-san on deviantART

The only thing I don’t like about this picture are the socks. Fluttershy is most definitely the barefoot type.

Shy Fluttershy v2.5 by ~Ellis1342 on deviantART

If you like this picture, you’ll love the NSFW version! ;)

Cute Fluttershy by ~niziolek on deviantART

Not sure if that’s swimwear or lingerie, but me gusto!

Sexy Fluttershy by *ShugarSkull on deviantART

Fluttershy: H-H-Hey there big, tall, and handsome: like what you see?

Big Mac: Eeyup!

Human Fluttershy by ~samutoka on deviantART

Human Fluttershy as a belly dancer. This one looks too comfortable dancing around in something that revealing. Methinks the real Fluttershy wouldn’t be this audacious—unless it was a personal performance for Big Mac. (What can I say? I love the shipping!)

MLP: sleepy time by *ss2sonic on deviantART

Anthro Fluttershy snuggling up with Angel bunny in bed. I was going to mark this NSFW—but forget it! You can’t see anything anyway.

Now this one I have to mark NSFW. It’s a human mother Fluttershy with her baby cradled against her bosom. Yes, she’s in the nude, but you can’t see anything with the baby in the way. Besides, I find it very endearing, what with it being a mother and child.