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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pony Humans: Group Pictures

I’m such an idiot! Turn out the two-part “Royal Wedding” season finale is NEXT Saturday. So I guess I started this series way too early, seeing as this post was supposed to be the big finish. Mea Culpa!

Anyway, to end my “Pony Humans” series, here are group pictures of the main six as humans and anthros:

MLP Human version ver. 1 by ~Kreoss on deviantART

We start with this simple group shot of the six in human form.

Human MLP FIM by ~CaramelPie on deviantART

Holding hands in the grass. BFF!

Friendship is Magic by =aeolus06 on deviantART

Here we see them getting smaller...

Human My Little Pony FIM by ~kaoshoneybun on deviantART


MLP:FiM Chibis by *KumiKoalaStar on deviantART


Commission: MLP Gala Dresses Human Versions by *jadenkaiba on deviantART

And here they are at the gala (at the gala, at the gala!)

Artrix's take on those ponies by =theartrix on deviantART

I really like the art design on them here. Very edgy. If you like this, you'll like the rest of theartrix's work, such as this (and make sure to listen to this while viewing. Very hardcore!)

My Little Pony-Human Versions by ~tite-pao on deviantART

A bit more comical here, especially with Pinkie Pie’s expression. (Reminds me of Elmyra from Tiny Toons)

My Little Playthings by ~Trishbot on deviantART

The six of them hypnotized—with Derpy, who’s apparently immune to hypnosis! “We hear and obey. How may we be of service master?” (If you like this, you’ll love the NSFW version!)

It was inevitable by *GlancoJusticar on deviantART

The six at the beach. (Um, Twi, probably best not to mention sharks to Fluttershy before entering the water!)

MLP: Summertime in Ponyville by *ss2sonic on deviantART

And here they are at the beach as anthros. I know it probably doesn’t make sense for the shyest pony to be wearing the skimpiest bikini, but I’m not complaining! ;)

My Little Pony: Friendship is the Best by ~JUN-K-TASTIC on deviantART

And here we see more diversity. Twilight is black, Rainbow Dash has a dark complexion (though I’m unsure of what race she is exactly), Fluttershy has converted to Islam, and Pinkie Pie is fat (though considering how many sweets she eats, I’m not surprised!)

friendship is magic by *kittehness on deviantART

And here we have the most diverse of all. I’ve seen many people complain about it, but only because it doesn’t portray the characters as skinny white girls with big tits and bubble butts. That’s not how girls look like in real life. THIS is how they look! Rainbow Dash would look more butch and athletic. Applejack is going to need a larger build to do all the farmwork she does. And as I mentioned many times before, Pinkie Pie cannot be skinny and eat all the sweets she does, not unless she’s anorexic or has a super high metabolism. She is going to be a chubby like she is here. This is how real girls look like. Deal with it!

My Little Mermaids by *Dragonina on deviantART

Anyone else hear "Under the Sea" while looking at this? (And how does Twilight manage to read books underwater without them deteriorating? Magic?)

My Little Centaurs by ~rainbowtiger on deviantART

And here we have the six as centaurs after Twilight messes up with a magic spell. (NSFW because they no wear tops!)

my little gargoyle by `bri-chan on deviantART

After looking at this, does anyone else think Rarity here looks like the love child of Goliath and Elisa Maza from Gargoyles? (Sorry for any mental images of the two.)

Friendship Is Magic by *ArtNerdEm on deviantART

This piece here was inspired by Lauren Faust’s pet project Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls. How very meta!

MLP: Ponies so far by *Chrissykouhai on deviantART

Here they are in the style of Butch Hartman, creator of the Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom.

My Little Pony Humanized by *BridgetteCourtneyTDA on deviantART

And here they’re in the style of Total Drama Island.

Adventure Ponies by ~sydsydguv259 on deviantART

And here they are in the style of Adventure Time. Looking at this makes me want to see a crossover so bad!

MLP kick ass version by *animewave on deviantART

The six as superheroines in the Kick Ass universe. I especially love Pinkie Pie’s costume with the blindfold. (If you’re wondering why she has one, well, just look through jemylover’s gallery. You’ve been warned!)

Human Mane6 of War by *johnjoseco on deviantART

And finally, here they are in Gears of War. Remember: Friendship is magic, but machine guns are more so!