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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pony Humans: Princess Celestia and Luna

And now for “Pony Humans,” the eternal sovereigns of Equestria—Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!

First, let’s start with Luna, because she’s my favorite princess ever!

Luna by ~semehammer on deviantART

We start with a simple portrait of the moon princess. The silver moon necklace is a nice touch here.

Princess Luna by ~KittenSeitz on deviantART

Nothing lovelier than the night than the princess of the night!

Human Luna by ~Kyo-chan12 on deviantART

Love how most of the canvas space is taken up by the hem of her dress.

Princess Luna by *MysteriousLite on deviantART

Does anyone else start hearing the theme to “Swan Lake” when they look at this picture?

:FiM: Light of the Moon by *Usagi-Asakura on deviantART

Those eyes. THOSE EYES! What else can I say but “KAWAII!”?

And now we move on to Celestia. (I hope she doesn’t ban me to the moon for putting her sister first!)

celestia by ~mistix on deviantART

Somehow this reminds me of Megera from Hercules. Must be the face.

Princess Celestia by *Meawsy on deviantART

Kawaii desu ne!

Human Celestia by ~dolphinwing on deviantART

The princess of the sun cast against a night background? Love it!

Celestia by ~DonEnaya on deviantART

Really love how the dress shows her figure underneath. Very revealing!

JohnJoseco Celestia Trade by *Slugbox on deviantART

The high and mighty ruler humiliated as a lowly servant girl. Tasty!

And now group shots of the two together.

Commission: Celestia X Luna by *jadenkaiba on deviantART

Love how Celestia is drawn as a royal and Luna as more of a general. The hand-holding adds a cuteness factor to it.

Night and Day by ~Kreoss on deviantART

Really love the contrast between the two throne rooms and the day and night settings.

Luna and Celestia combo. by *Seiryuga on deviantART

Love the contrast in their expressions: Celestia is more outgoing and cheerful while Luna is more calm and quiet.

Human Luna and Celestia WP by *AliceHumanSacrifice1 on deviantART

Chibi princesses are Kawaii!

Princesses Celestia and Luna by *Slugbox on deviantART

Now these are princesses I would be happy to bow down to! How may I do your biddings, your highnesses?