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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pony Humans: Rainbow Dash

For my fourth installment of “Pony Humans,” the fastest flyer in Equestria who can become 20 percent cooler in ten seconds flat: Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Dash by *ninjaninjanoob23 on deviantART

Let’s start off with a close-up of human Rainbow Dash’s face. You can tell this close-up makes her 20 percent cooler!

Rainbow Dash by ~Valen-LaRae on deviantART

I’m going to be perfectly honest here: most fan art of human Rainbow Dash looks pretty much the same: blue shirt with rainbow cutie mark, jean pants or shorts, tennis shoes, and rainbow stockings. That’s pretty much what most human Rainbow Dash’s dress, as this one does. I know: fairly generic!

Rainbow Dash Human Colored by ~LittlePirate on deviantART

See what I mean? Typical dress scheme: blue shirt (or in this case, blue jacket) with jean pants. Of course, this one has a white shirt. And the rainbow belt is a nice touch! ;)

RainbowDash Humana by ~Shinta-Girl on deviantART

Don’t worry. The generic pictures end here.

MLP: Human Rainbow Dash by *YukiHyo on deviantART

See! This one has a black shirt. And she has wings! :D

Rainbow Dash by ~SweetMariia on deviantART

This one seems more playful. The ponytail is a nice touch, though the purple pants I could care less about.

Double Rainbow Dash by ~Elssuh on deviantART

I don’t know how it’s possible, but this one appears both tomboyish and feminine. Perhaps it’s the long hair, or perhaps it’s the short shorts, or maybe the shirt that reveals the shoulders. Nothing more feminine than a woman showing some shoulder. (Well, showing more skin period is feminine!)

Rainbow Dash the Athlete by ~PhantomClark on deviantART

She appears more athletic here with sports bra, jogging shorts, and the bandages are a nice touch. Shows she really likes to get rough (perhaps in more ways than one, if you know what I mean).

Human Rainbow Dash. by ~SKoparov on deviantART

Well, what do you know: a human Rainbow Dash with action! You’d think there be more of them, considering she’s all about action. This one’s playing motocross—a fitting sport for her, what with her need for speed.

Our First Pony Pet Play Date by ~HeartagramNightmare on deviantART

Here she is playing with her pet turtle Tank. The more I think about it, the more these two look very good together. Perhaps it’s the contrasts between the fastest creature in Equestria and the slowest one. Opposites attract!

Speed by *CherryPup-E on deviantART

Human Rainbow Dash in her Gala Dress. This one looks almost Barbie doll-esque. OMG! Did I just compare Rainbow Dash to a Barbie doll? Hope she doesn’t kill me over that.

Bridesmaid Rainbow Dash by ~BlackLynx-chan on deviantART

An African-American Rainbow Dash? Well, that’s different. The dread locks are a nice touch, though I have to wonder how realistic this is. When was the last time you saw a rainbow-haired black person?

Rainbow Dash ~20% Cooler~ by *KitonKurai on deviantART

An anthro Rainbow Dash that truly makes herself look 20 percent cooler! Combat boots, cargo pants with rips in them revealing her bandages and her thong, and of course, we can’t forget the goggles. They always make her 20 percent cooler.

.CUPCAKES. by ~Twigileia on deviantART

A picture based off the infamous fanfic Cupcakes. The only thing I don’t care for are the eyes. They’re so flat and lifeless. Everything else is perfect. (If you call any picture based on Cupcakes perfect.)

Miss Rainbow Dash by ~RenaAyama on deviantART

Rainbow Dash again in her gala dress—this one being more Jennifer Lopez-esque. Muy Buen!

Me? No no no, of course not! by ~PluckyNinja on deviantART

Um, Dash, where are you clothes. (I would mark this NSFW, but really, you can’t see anything anyway!)

Rainbow Dash Censored by =CaptainJenkins on deviantART

Another Gala Dress picture. This one is much more feminine. And you really enjoy it, check out the NSFW version!