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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pony Humans: Twilight Sparkle

To commemorate the two-part season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on April 14, I am creating another series of pony-related posts “Pony Humans” showcasing human and anthro fan art of the ponies. And I’m starting this series with my favorite pony, Twilight Sparkle:

MLP Twilight Human Version by ~Kreoss on deviantART

We begin with a sweet and innocent picture of human Twilight reclining on her bed reading a good book. Gotta love the bookworms! (So what’cha reading there, Twi? Mind if I join you?)

Twilight Sparkle Human by *TheTGArtist on deviantART

Love how her human form is set against the background with her pony form. Her human form here reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch or one of the Charmed girls. (But then again, that’s probably because she’s a spellcaster like them.)

Twilight Sparkle by *Aiko-Mustang on deviantART

I want to say this is a schoolgirl outfit, but it’s far too casual to be one. Still, it really looks good on her as a student. Gotta love the girls with looks and a brain.

Twilight Sparkle - Book Master by ~Lionel23 on deviantART

What’s sexier than a girl with a book? A girl with two books!

Twilight Sparkle MLP by ~Amelie-ami-chan on deviantART

Many artists like this one draw human Twilight with dark skin. I don’t really care what color she is. She looks good either way. Though I’m curious what ethnicity she’s supposed to be in this picture: Black? Hispanic? Hindu? What do you guys think?

Pony tail by =aeolus06 on deviantART

Another dark skinned Twilight. This one looks more African-American. She definitely has the booty!

MLP - Book Canopy by ~ZOE-Productions on deviantART

Human Twilight asleep among her books. All together now: DAAAWWWWW! This version reminds me of Sheska from Full Metal Alchemist (though she was buried in her books, literally!)

Twilight Sparkle Girl by ~Magy-san on deviantART

Girls with glasses are always the sexiest. This version reminds me of Yomiko Readman from Read or Die—another sexy bibliophile in glasses!

Twilight the magician by =theartrix on deviantART

I tried to find pictures with only Twilight in it, but some were just too good to pass up, even if it featured another pony. This was one of them. Here we have Twilight with her hands glowing with magical energy, and from the looks of it, ready to kick ass and take names along with Apple Jack.

Twilight Sparkle Human by ~X-Cross on deviantART

This one has a very nice tail (if you know what I mean!)

Twilight Sparkle Anthro TF TG by *AkuOreo on deviantART

Here we have a male brony transforming into a Twilight anthro (with a Sagan T-shirt of all things!) Figures that Twilight would be a fan of Mr. “Billions and Billions.” Some have speculated that, with the episode of “Feeling Pinkie Keen,” Twilight is either an atheist or an agnostic. Personally, I just feel she’s a skeptic, and you don’t have to be godless to be a skeptic. Even if she was a nonbeliever, no biggie there. Many atheists are jerkwads (Dawkins and Maher), but others are awesome sauce (Jillette and Molyneaux). Besides, S.E. Cupp is hot!

.:Twilight Sparkle:. by *ss2sonic on deviantART

Anthro Twilight sitting next to her pony form. Wait! Twilight of all people should know that two beings of the same molecular structure touching would cause each to cancel each other out—thus causing them both to explode or something. Oh well…

[COM] Sexy Twilight and AppleJack by *ss2sonic on deviantART

Anthro Twilight posing with Apple Jack. Uh-oh! I think I just got a nosebleed looking at Twilight’s schoolgirl outfit.

Twilight Sparkle at Club Ville by *CollinScorpio on deviantART

Anthro Twilight singing Carmen. Figures she would be a fan of Opera. Wonder how her rendition of “Habanera” would sound. Her singing voice should be as lovely as her dress.

MLP - IRON HORSES 01 colors by *MarmaladeJane on deviantART

"Madam Librarian, What can I do, my dear, to catch your ear? I love you madly, madly Madam Librarian!" (Kudos to anyone who catches the reference.)

MLP - Twilight Sparkling colors by *MarmaladeJane on deviantART

Anthro Twilight all powdered up and ready to step out on a night on the town. Wonder who the lucky date is?

MLP - Study Buddy by *MarmaladeJane on deviantART

Why yes, I would love to be your study buddy! Which subject are we studying?