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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pony Sunday: Triple Finish

Take that! Triple Finish! It’s super effective!

Fillies and gentlecoats, today I shall be recapping not one, not two, but three—count them, three—My Little Pony episodes: Hurricane Fluttershy, Ponyville Confidental, and MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

(Why about Dragon Quest, you ask? Here’s a short review: it was bland and unintersting!)

art by ChibiEEnE

Hurricane Fluttershy

• Like the twins Cloud Chaser and Flitter. At first, I thought they were fraternal twins—boy and girl—but they’re both girls. Reminded me of Leo and Luna from Yu-Gi-Oh 5 D’s.
• Fluttershy is a tree! She always wanted to be a tree. ;)
• Awesome 1950s style educational film. Anyone else reminded of Fallout?
• The big muscle-bound pegasi that keeps yelling “Yeah!” freaks me out. :/
• One pegasus is lifting 1000 pounds. Hefty feat for a small pony!
• Fluttershy is so cute when she’s faking illness—and sexy when she’s in a bathrobe! (And sexier when she’s all wet! :D)
• Man, Fluttershy had a rough childhood. No wonder she’s so reclusive. Poor thing! :(
• Rainbow Dash goes from chastising Fluttershy to consoling her in 10 seconds flat!
• LOL! The twins have to ask Spike to translate Twilight’s Technobabble!
• BTW, an anemometer is a real scientific instrument that measures wind power.
• I’m guessing Thunder Wing’s coughing is a running gag here. Not very funny, if you ask me.
• Rainbow Dash’s wing power: 16.1
• Fluttershy’s wing power: 0.5
• Those eyes! Those eyes! They’re everywhere!
• My friends Nerudan18 said it best: If I meet a guy who says that his heart didn't stop when he saw Fluttershy burst into tears, I'll show you a bad liar.
• OMG! Watching her cry like that just made me want to reach through the screen, cradle her in my arms, and whisper to her about how everything was going to be all right. And I’m pretty sure most bronies felt like that too.
• Fluttershy is the Snow White of ponies with her animal friends.
• “The day is approaching to give it your best. You've got to reach your prime! That's when you need to put yourself to the test and show us the passage of time. We're gonna need a montage. (Montage) A sports-training montage! (Montage)”
• Derpy mask!
• Butterflies are stronger that Fluttershy!
• And she sucks the tears right back in!
• Spike: What did he say? Twilight: Do I look like I speak squirrel? (Best. Line. Ever!)
• OMG! This episode really ranked up the sympathy points for Fluttershy.
• How does Ponyville have a reservoir AND a dam?
• Rainbow Dash: Rumble, where is your lazy brother? Rumble: He’s got the feather flu. He’s down in Ponyville Hospital. (Awkward!)
• Spike plays the Alpine horn.
• Epic Fail!
• Rainbow Dash with here eyes in the tree = LOL!
• And of course, Fluttershy saves the day with her extra wingpower.
• And Spitfire gives a shout out to Rainbow Dash!
• Spike plays the alpine horn AND the pan flute!

art by johnjoseco

Ponyville Confidential

• Featherweight is new bestest colt since Pip!
• Apparently, a newspaper boat can carry two fillies—almost!
• And it took them that long to figure out that Apple Bloom wanted them to try out for the paper?
• Did anyone else think that Diamond Tiara got the editor-in-chief position possibly because her father bribed the school?
• Chubby Cheeks is sophisticated pony reading the paper.
• “Yay!”
• Wouldn’t Sweetie Belle interviewing her sister be a conflict of interest?
• Scootaloo makes Fluttershy “squee!” noise.
• Baby Apple Bloom pictures are cute!
• “Snips and Snails and Bubble Gum Fails!”
• Figures that Rarity would love the gossip columns.
• Fun fact: unicorn magic can be disrupted by flicking their horn.
• How much of a story is two babies crying at a store? That happens all the time!
• Chubby Cheeks speaks!
• Spike enjoys the spa!
• “The great and powerful Trixie’s secrets revealed!” (Somewhere, the great Sethisto is squealing in joy!)
• Figures the tomboy would object to a manicure—er, I mean hooficure!
• “Celestia just like us!” LOL! Celestia likes her cake!
• Mayor Mare has pink hair? Why does she dye it gray?!
• Sad bro-hoof!
• Big Macintosh still has Ms. Smarty Pants! :P
• “Gabby Gums prints whatever she wants. She doesn’t care who’s reputation she destroys.” Sounds a lot like TMZ.
• Aw, Fluttershy, we don’t care if you have tail extensions. We all love you anyway.
• “Pinkie Pie is an out-of-control party animal.” And that’s news how?
• “The Cakes are breaking up” Mrs. Cake: We are? (Best. Joke. EVER!)
• Rarity gave the best lines:
o “I’ll destroy her!”
o “Why, she’s the most innocent, most lovely—MOST EVIL PONY IN EQUESTRIA!”
o “E Tu, Gabby Gums?”
• Did Diamond Tiara remind anyone else of John Jonah Jameson, Jr.?
• Wow! Diamond Tiara was originally just a mean girl. Now, she’s just evil.
• Rainbow Dash can be passive aggressive.
• How does the force field work? Does it keep everyone out, or just the Cutie Mark Crusaders? I think it would be inconvenient for the library to keep everyone out.
• Role Reversal: Apple Jack says “Eeyup!” and “Nope!” while Big Macintosh speaks in full sentences.
• Sweetie Belle: Stop the presses! Press colt: Uh, they haven’t started yet.
• Oh Really, Cheerile? You mean to tell me that allowing a student to run nothing but tabloid gossip in the school newspaper was a bad thing, and you only intervened now?
• And Diamond Tiara gets her comeuppance!

art by johnjoseco

MMMystery on the Friendship Express

• Why didn’t they just carry the cake in a cart instead of on Big Mac’s back? (Obvious answer: then there would be no comic relief!)
• And where are the Cake Twins while everyone is away? Did they just leave them home alone?
• Mr. Cake hyperventilates.
• Apparently, the train car walls can come down when needed.
• The cake is the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness (or MMMM for short).
• Well look, we have another griffon in the Pony Universe: Gustav
• Donut Joe makes a comeback—with his Doughnutopia.
• Mulia Mild almost looks like Matilda from “A Friend in Deed.”
• I have to agree: The Chocolate Mousse Moose does look more exquisite than the other desserts.
• Pinkie: “We have to protect MMMM!” Rarity: “MMMM?” Pinkie: “MMMM-HMMM!”
• Pinkie: “Don’t go near that cake, thief! Stop, thief! Oh, are you okay thief?”
• And Pinkie Pie sleeps like a dog—literally!
• Pinkie gasps just as she did when she met Twilight in “Mare in the Moon: Part 1” and her expression is like that when she discovered Apple Jack escaped in “The Last Roundup.”
• “Who-done-did-doed-it!”
• Pinkie Pie Homes and Twilight Watson.
• Gustav does sort of resemble a Snidely Whiplash character.
• Mane. Con Mane. A James Bond reference? Not for nothing, but last time I checked, James Bond wasn’t evil. But hey, it was still cool seeing Pony Joe with Carrot Top and Berry Punch wrapped around his ankles.
• Rarity: “You would look rather dapper in a tuxedo!”
• And Mulia Mild is a ninja (with frying pan action). Believe it!
• Twilight wipes the pipe clean before using it.
• Interesting how we never see the clues Twilight collects until the very end. (But otherwise, it would be too obvious.)
• Twilight: “Gustav doesn’t have blue feathers.” Pinkie: “Because he’s been dyeing them.”
• Rainbow Dash not liking cake is a lie.
• Rarity wears false eyelashes!
• Gustav has mousse in his moustache, Joe has éclair in his hair, and Mulia has sprinkles in her wrinkles. Somehow, I feel the entire episode was written behind that pun.
• Well, the new dessert entry looks interesting to say the least. At least Celestia likes it (and Pinkie too!)