Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The REAL War On Women

Forget the Democrats’ phony “War On Women.” The real war is not being waged by Republicans, but by the Transportation Security Administration.

Consider the following video of a woman sobbing and trembling as she is sexually assaulted patted down by a TSA agent at a Wisconsin airport:

The blogger who uploaded this video on Gateway Pundit speculates that the woman could be suffering from a post-traumatic stress episode, possibly rape-related. Such speculation has yet to be confirmed.

Regardless of whether or not this woman was suffering from rape-related PTSD, no woman should have to suffer through such humiliation at the airport. No woman! (Not even Hilary Rosen!) Yet TSA agents have been unfairly singling out women for full body scans and pat downs. Then again, when such power over civilians is granted to federal agents, who else do you expect lining up for the job but perverts wanting a quick peep show or wanting to cop a feel?