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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Pony: PJTV Bashes Bronies

Oh look: a bunch of middle-age white guys bashing fans of a children’s show they’ve never seen a single episode of. Gee, where have I seen this before?

I didn’t realize that grown men watching pony cartoons was a sign of the end times. Must have missed that part in Revelation about Pinkie Pie being one of the signs of the anti-Christ. (Though that would explain her Pinkamena persona!)

(And I highly doubt Bill’s claims of being a former Trekkie when he can’t name a single Star Trek character. I never watched the show, but I doubt “Lord God King Uber Boofoo Nerd” is a real character.)

Not surprisingly, the main opinion of the panel, which included Scott “Majestic Comet” Ott and Bill “Brilliant Whistle” Whittle, was that “Bronies” were immature little boys who needed to grow up.

Brilliant Whistle: If you’re into your mid-twenties and certainly if you’re into your thirties, it really is time to grow up. I’ve said many times that the problem with this country is that we need to get in touch with our inner adult, and there’s a difference between childlike wonder in things and childish escape from the pressures of the world, and I think the brony situation is heading rapidly into B.
And what’s wrong with a “childish escape” from reality?

Yes, we all need to learn to cope with the pressures of the real world, but part of that coping should involve the occasional break to help relieve us of the stress they cause. Some of us cope through video games. Others through comic books or television shows or sports or hobbies. And then there are “Bronies” like me who enjoy little girl cartoons about ponies. And there’s nothing wrong with that. At all! So long as it doesn’t interfere with our real lives. Which it rarely does!

As you can tell from my blog, I have no problem posting about the harsh realities of life and have been doing so for almost three years; but recently, I’ve also started posting about My Little Pony. Why? First, because I love the show. (And this is my blog and I can talk about whatever the hell I want!) And second, to give myself and my readers a break!

Because when you talk about nothing but how airport security agents are molesting passengers or how the federal government wants to crack down on the internet or how civilians are being arrested for videotaping cops yet cops are free to brutalize civilians without consequence or how the President is beyond incompetent yet his sheep only think you hate him because of his skin color, that tends to grind away at your nerves—almost to the point where you want to slit your wrists, or toss yourself off a skyscraper, or both!

And so, to spare my sanity and the sanity of my readers, I’ve decided to post about something uplifting to balance out all the depressing posts about news and politics. And really, what can be more uplifting that a little girl’s cartoon about rainbow sparkly unicorns with fluffy tails? If that doesn’t makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then you have no heart!

But speaking of which…
Majestic Comet: When you think about men who are enamored of rainbow sparkly unicorns with fluffy tails, some people call them freaks, but president Obama calls them the base.
Forget you, Majestic Comet! I love rainbow sparkly unicorns with fluffy tails and hate Obama with a fervor.

If you all want a serious news story about the Brony subculture, he's a radio segment from Canada:

How sad is it that I have to turn to a foreign news outlet for serious analysis with research and not just opinion pulled out of the commentator's ass?