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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Protestors Can't Explain Their Signs Or Cause

Remember how Tea Party protesters were ridiculed for their misspelled signs? To their credit, at least they wrote their own signs. Some union protesters at the May Day march in Chicago couldn’t even read their own signs, let alone explain why they were protesting, as one Big Government blogger explains:
Yesterday at Chicago’s Union Park for the May Day march, I found group of protesters from the AsociaciĆ³n de Vendedores Ambulantes (Street Vendors Association) holding signs from the Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights.

I asked one protester what her sign meant, and she said, “I don’t know.” She told me she didn’t speak English, but there was another girl (who I have seen around many Chicago protests) there who spoke Spanish, so I asked her to ask the woman in Spanish what her sign meant. Sadly the woman holding the sign still did not have an answer. After questioning another protester who also did not know why she was there, I asked if they were being paid to be at the protest. It was then that the translator told me “you don’t need to do that,” and a man came over to explain the different signs and shirts of the protesters.

I proceeded to ask all the members of this group if any of them knew what there signs said and why they were there and not one of them could answer the questions, even when language wasn’t a barrier.

Isn’t it interesting that these protesters, who are supposed to be street vendors, found it more valuable to spend their time holding picket signs at a protest that they knew nothing about, rather than roll in their pushcarts in to sell popsicles and tamales to a couple thousand people at the march? It doesn’t quite add up to me, but what I do know? Maybe they had the day off...