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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daily Pony: Lollipop Chainsaw Review (Twilight Sparkle's Bad Furr Day)

What’s better than a game about chainsaw-wielding cheerleaders fighting zombies? How about a game about chainsaw-wielding cheerleaders fighting zombies with the main character voiced by Twilight Sparkle?

Pan Pizza recently reviewed the new XBOX 360 game Lollipop Chainsaw, whose main character Juliet is voiced by the ever Twilightlicious Tara Strong. Having her as the voice actress makes the game all the more fun when you imagine Twilight Sparkle saying the naughty things Juliet says.

You don’t watch porn, do you Nick?

Glad I took that pole-dancing class.

What the dick is going on with all this crazy stuff?

My sister and I all wear our vaginas proudly.

Oh, and for anyone curious what Twilight Sparkle would look like if she were in the game…

Lollipop Chainsaw Mare-ssacre III by ~dm29 on deviantART