Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily Pony: Pony Rock Anthem

(Special thanks to pharmmajor on deviantART for sharing this with me.)

I admit that LMFAO is a guilty pleasure for me. Yes, they’re music is insipid, but damn if it isn’t equally catchy! And it was only a matter of time until a pony parody of their hit song “Party Rock Anthem” was released.

This parody was created by the ever talented ShadyVox (Neon Lights), along with Nowacking (Vinyl Scratch) and BreeFaithVA (Pinkie Pie). If you love it, you can purchase the mp3 here.

The only downside to this song is that I can’t listen to it without thinking about Jaden Yukei. Otherwise it’s absolutely flawless. (Absolutely flawless!)