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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Florida SWAT Team Busts Hair Salon

Photo from WPTV.

Last Saturday in Delray Beach, Fl., SWAT teams raided three businesses including a hair salon.

And what did they discover in the back rooms of these establishments? Meth labs? Human trafficking? Child prostitution stings?

No. Something far more insidious: gambling!

Shocking, I know. I’ll let you catch your breath before you continue reading.

The game in question was Bolita, a Cuban variation of the lottery, popular among immigrants, with tickets selling for $10 and winnings ranging up to the thousands.

While valuable resources could have been easily wasted preventing petty crimes like rape, murder, or stop light violations, these brave police officers chose instead to use their time and energy to stop Cuban immigrants from participating in a game of chance.

And considering how they were forced to don full-body camouflage suits and arm themselves to the teeth with military gear, they were obviously entering an environment where their very lives were at risk. You don’t realize how deadly those hair dryers and curling irons can be. In the hands of trained hairstylists, they’re lethal weapons!

Okay, to be fair, the police managed to confiscate one handgun, which completely justifies sending an entire SWAT team to infiltrate a hair salon where grandma was getting her perm and pedi.

And also to be fair, the police raid was in response to several unreported robberies. Of course, these robberies possibly happened because Florida anti-gambling laws forced these gambling operations into the black market, thus creating the criminal enviroment. But that’s beside the point.

Delray Beach residents can now sleep soundly knowing that 21 shady individuals are behind bars and over $15 thousand have been confiscated—money which rightfully belongs to the Florida government through taxes and lottery tickets.

Funny how the state of Florida bans gambling, forcing residents who wish to play hard and win big to play the state lottery. It’s almost as if it’s a criminal cartel that sends its armed thugs to stamp out any rival competition to its monopoly.

But that’s just crazy talk coming from a kooky libertarian like myself.