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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare Upheld

Photo from Wikimedia.

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the “constitutionality” of the Affordable Healthcare Act including the individual mandate.

I wouldn’t have minded if they only struck down the mandate and kept everything else. I have no problem with allowing young people to stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26, or preventing companies from denying coverage due to preexisting conditions—through the other regulations which would have raised healthcare costs are still problematic.

But by keeping the mandate, the Supreme Court has declared it constitutional for the federal government to force citizens to buy products from the private sector, even though this violates the Commerce Clause in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

This is why I don’t understand why libtarded moonbats love Obamacare. They claim this is a victory against the insurance companies but the exact opposite is true: this mandates requires people to buy from them or else pay a fine. Government forces people to buy health insurance and the insurance companies provide it. This is corporate cronyism at its finest—or rather worst!

So is it any wonder that this healthcare plan was inspired by a similar Republican scheme in the 90s, which was implemented on the state level in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney—you know, the same Mitt Romney who is running against Obama and campaigning against Obamacare?

Go figure! The very people who oppose Obamacare are the same ones who inspired it! Just goes to show the vast difference between the two parties: Obamacare, Romneycare. Obama, Romney. To-may-to, To-mah-to!

This is not a victory for the American people. It is a victory for big business and big government. It is a victory for corporatism. It is a victory that increases the power of the corporate state and paves the way for fascism.

And thus our march towards serfdom continues ever onward.