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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 11 Most Disturbing MLP:FIM Fandoms (#6)

Image from My Little Pony Trading Post.

Despite being the all-powerful ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia is capable of empathizing with her subjects, and as such, rules over them with both justice and kindness. Her omnipotence and benevolence may set her apart as a deity figure, yet she is capable of relating with the common pony. She takes her role as leader very seriously, yet is also capable of being casual and down to earth.
So what happens when you take everything pure and holy about the princess and turn it completely inside out and on its head?

You get…

#6) Princess Molestia

The princess-turned-sex-fiend meme began on November 24, 2010 with the following image posted on /co/:

Image from 4Chan.

The image was later followed by a fan fiction of the same name. The story, however, was completely different from the one depicted in the image. Instead of having a demon in disguise of Princess Celestia, the story involves the princess cursed by her sister Luna, who is seeking to get revenge on her for imprisoning her on the moon. (Gee, Luna, don’t you think pranking your sister is going to earn you another thousand years exile?)

Luna was originally going to cast a spell that made Celestia do or say something embarrassing, but as she was casting it on her as she slept, the spell backfired, forcing Luna to escape the bedroom before Celestia could awake and the royal guards could enter. The spell causes Celestia to enter a trance and, as the title implies, molest everything in sight. She begins with her royal guards, and then goes after Luna. After receiving yet another letter from Twilight Sparkle, Celestia head off to Ponyville to molest her faithful student.

The rest of the story is Celestia molesting every pony she encounters in an effort to track down Twilight. She molests Spike, Pinkie Pie, and almost Big Macintosh, but ends up molesting Rainbow Dash instead.

Image from Equestria After Dark.

As can be expected, her antics within the story are unbecoming for royalty as herself, which only makes the story that more appealing. We know she’s acting completely out-of-character, but considering the circumstances she is under, we easily forgive it. Besides, her actions come off as more devious than malevolent, which makes them somewhat humorous—albeit in a sick, twisted sense. Seeing the very god figure of Equestria act like this comes across as a guilty pleasure.

The character of Princess Molestia has since become part of unofficial fan canon, with tons of fan art based on her. She even has her own Tumblr account, along with her sister, Princess Moluna (Who is my favorite sex-fiend princess ever. Don’t tell Molestia that!), where they answer perverted questions. Think of it as Dr. Ruth, only slightly more perverted.

Image from deviantART.

Overall, Princess Molestia may be perverted, but it’s perverted in a hilarious way, which, depending on your tastes, may come across as entertaining or even more disturbing.

But there is one peverted fandom which is just plain disturbing.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as walking into your parents’ bedroom while they’re having sex—in front of a camera for a porno!


Congratulations! You made it this far into the list. You survived an incestuous brother/sister relationship, an innocent-looking game with a dark Shyamalan-ian twist, two grotesque fan artists, a fan-animated bastardization, and a horny princess.

Be warned: the next five entries on this list are the most disturbing of all. If you wish to maintain what little sanity you have left, and what little innocence of the series preserved, I suggest stopping here. Otherwise, proceed with caution. You have been warned!