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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 11 Most Disturbing MLP:FIM Fandoms (#7)

I consider myself a man of decent logic. A man who has a firm grasp on the perceptions of reality. A man who’s down to earth and lives in the realm of the real world.

Until today, when that reality was challenged by the grotesque bastardizations of everyone’s favorite multi-colored ponies!

This is the gateway to madness that the interwebs has chosen to call PONY.MOV—otherwise known as “Faggotry is Magic.”

Image from Know Your Meme.


Imagine coming across a mentally-disabled person who’s not only criminally-insane but was also drunk, high, and had a whole frontal lobotomy leaving little to no intelligence left in his brain.

He would be normal compared to the PONY.MOV series.

So, what’s wrong with this series?

What’s right with this series?! That’s the shorter answer!

And yes, if it isn’t blatantly obvious, I am ripping off the Nostalgia Critic. But in my defense, I feel that his sentiments towards The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog accurately reflect my sentiments towards PONY.MOV.

How else can I describe it? This is a fan animated series that takes our beloved ponies, squeezes out everything sweet and innocent about them, turns them inside out, eviscerates them, eats them, shits them out, burns them, extinguishes the flames with piss, and leaves them as an undistinguishable mess.

If I had to find something redeemable about this series, it would have to be the animation. For something fan-animated, this is fairly high-quality, and considering the amount of time that goes into basic animation, that’s a real achievement.

Everything else is just smegged-up beyond reason.

The series is created by Max Gilardi (or as he’s known on YouTube, HotDiggedyDemon), who has created flash animations on both Newgrounds and YouTube. His grotesque art style is reminiscent of Ren and Stimpy, as is his humor. (If that’s not a clear indicator of what to expect, I don’t know what is.)

The first video APPLE.MOV seems innocent enough with Apple Jack going on an apple-eating spree, but the profanity, exaggerated imagery, and grotesque art style make it anything but innocent. And it doesn’t help that Spike acts like a stoner, Fluttershy sounds like Fat Albert, and Apple Jack goes on a 2001: Space Odyssey trip from eating too many apples.

Since its release on October 11, 2011, the video has received over 4 million views and 40 thousand likes. So yeah, saying this is popular is an understatement.

The Apple Jack parody, JapplAck, has also become popular, spawning her own Facebook page and Tumblr account where she answers questions like this:

Image from Ask JappleAck.

Oh, you think Apple Bloom received raw treatment there? You should see what happens to her in the next video.

Wouldn’t you know it, the same day she finally receives her cutie mark, and a Godzilla-esque Discord rampages through Ponyville and crushes her.

But that’s not even the worst.

As was obvious in the last video, the characters act completely out-of-character from how they act in the cartoon. Spike is a stoner who only cares about getting high (then again, what stoner doesn’t act that way?). Twilight is a perverted ditz who likes to poke other ponies in the, um, plot when she’s not busy, um, “enjoying” herself. Rainbow Dash is a profane prickhole (which is still accurate to her character, save the profane part). Rarity is an obese greedy primadonna lord over the illegal immigrants employed in her shop. And Pinkie Pie—wait—Pinkie Pie doesn’t appear in this video. Never mind!

Oh, but none of that compares to what happened to Fluttershy!

Being the shy little pegasi she is, she manages to elicit sympathy, and in this parody, it would seem she would elicit more considering how badly everyone mistreats her, even going so far as to pull a Carrie-style prom prank on her.

But then you discover what’s in her shed.

Turns out that prolonged mental and physical abuse turns one into a murderous psychopath. Inside is a nightmarish scene straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: eviscerated animal carcasses nailed to the wall as grotesque art, brains piled up in the corner (along with some porn), and you wouldn’t guess what she did to Derpy. (Turn her into a decorative toaster cozy!)

And then Fluttershy appears and chainsaws Rainbow Dash in half in a macabre musical number.

You know how some people claim they had nightmares after reading Cupcakes? After watching this short, not only did I have nightmares, I couldn’t stomach to watch My Little Pony for two whole weeks. It’s just that scarring!

Now a fourth short was recently released, but I think I’ll spare every pony’s sanity and skip it. Showing one of these is enough to ruin your perception of the show. Showing four would be just cruel.

But despite being disturbing as hell (and that’s putting it kindly), this series has managed to garner a decent fanbase. Its YouTube channel has over 140 thousand subscribers and has received over 20 million video views.

And I guess I can sort of see the appeal. We all like a good parody, which is why shows like Robot Chicken and MAD are popular. But while those parodies tend to be light-hearted, these—these parodies are just dark. The art is grotesque, the humor more so, and the characters are portrayed so out-of-character that one wonders if the person who created this hated them with a vengeance. (No offense to Matt!) If you like it, good for you. Personally, I can’t stomach them.

Oh, and if you thought Rainbow Dash received raw treatment in that video, that’s nothing compared to what happens to her later in this list. Oh yes, I will be touching on that infamous fanfic later.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as biting into an apple and discovering half a worm.