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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top 11 Most Disturbing MLP:FiM Fandoms (#10)

Image from Ponibooru.

10) Story of the Blanks

[Warning: This entry contains spoilers.]

Story of the Blanks is a Flash game in the style of a classic 8-bit video game (with a kickass 8-bit version of the MLP:FIM theme song!)

You play as Apple Bloom as she escorts Twilight Sparkle into the Everfree Forest to deliver books to Zecora. On your way back, you discover that the path leading out of the forest is blocked by fallen trees.

While Twilight Sparkle is busy moving the trees, you venture back into the forest where you encounter a mysterious gray filly. You follow her deeper into the forest until you come across a village called Sunny Town.

The village seems innocent enough, what with the villagers celebrating a party; but as you explore it, you get the feeling that not everything is as it seems. For one thing, none of the adult ponies have any cutie marks, and none of them even know what they are.

You later reunite with the mysterious filly from before who leads you to a house. Everything is dark and empty save for the fireplace. You look inside it to find…

A skeleton!

And from here, the game goes to hell—literally!

Upon exiting the house, you find that night has fallen upon the village, now in shambles with the villagers transformed into zombies. You learn that the villagers murdered the filly long ago after she had received her cutie mark, and for their crime, they are forever condemned to remain in the village in their cursed state.

The remainder of the game involves you trying to escape the village and forest before the demonic villagers can catch you and “protect” you. (What they mean by that is unclear, but obviously it’s not good, as it means game over!)

Before you exit the forest, the ghost filly from before appears. She introduces herself as Ruby and apologizes for leading you into the village, claiming she only did so because she was curious. (No surprise: her cutie mark is a magnifying glass and her special talent is finding things.)

The two of you then find yourselves surrounded by the villagers as they close in on you. But before they can get you, a shining orb of light appears. Ruby and the zombie ponies disappear, the forest returns to normal, and Twilight arrives to save you and escort you out of the forest.

The game then ends with these words: “Through out Equestria, relics of the past lay forgotten and alone, never truly resting, awaiting recognition.”

Aside from its Shyamalan-esque twist, this game’s creep factor also stems from the many mysteries within it: Who exactly is Ruby? Why did the villagers kill her for obtaining her cutie mark? How did they become cursed? And why has the village remained hidden for so long? These questions, never really being answered, remain lingering on your mind, allowing the game's impression to forever haunt you.

The game has garnered a cult following, having inspired a novelization, comic, and even its own Tumblr account.

Image from DeviantART.

I put this game at the bottom of the list because, even though it’s creepy, it’s still fairly tame. I can’t say the same for another Pony fan game, which is a hell of a lot darker.

But you’ll have to wait to find out about that one.

How disturbing is it? As disturbing as waking up one morning and stepping in cat vomit with your bare feet!