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Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Day Libertarian Reading List

Tomorrow I return to blogging after my summer hiatus, and since it’s back to school season, I decided to do something educational.

We are living in trying political and economic times, with big government and big business collaborating to expand their power and influence while encroaching upon our freedom, liberty, and prosperity. The best way to defend ourselves is to remain informed and educated. I can think of no better way of doing so than with Robert Wenzel’s 30 Day Reading List that will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian.

Every day in September, I will be featuring an article from the reading list, with a link to the article and an abstract and quote that summarizes it. Once you get a taste of it from my post, feel free to read it in its entirety. You'll  get the full benefit of the article that way.

I hope you all benefit from this series, and I expect you all to be more knowledgeable in matters of liberty by month’s end. Remember: reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney Wins GOP Nomination

New York Times

Is anyone honestly surprised by this?

Then again, it’s easy to win a game when you remove players and change the rules to tilt the playing field in your favor.

What do you call people who rig games in order to win? Oh yes: Cheaters!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Carnival Cruise

The above picture is of the Carnival Sensation, the cruise ship I went on for a three-day cruise in the Bahamas. It was the third cruise I’ve been on, and the second Carnival cruise. It rained most of the time but it managed to be nothing but sunshine the last day of the cruise. Overall, it was a fun vacation. I’ve yet to go on a cruise ship that was horrible.

Here are just some of the highlights of my cruise:

• Sipped Pina Colada while relaxing in a hot tub with babes. (And by babes, I mean little children.) Since this was my second Carnival cruise, I received a voucher for a free drink, which I redeemed for a virgin Pina Colada. Funny thing is that I’ve made virgin Pina Coladas at home, and to be honest, they actually tasted better than the one I had on the ship. That one tasted more like coconut than pineapple. Go figure!

• Sweat at the gym and sauna. Somehow an hour at the gym each day didn’t negate the OVER 9000 calories I consumed (and the weight I gained proves that), but at least I tried to work those calories off. But the best part by far was relaxing in the sauna afterwards. And there’s nothing more refreshing after sweating in the gym and sauna than an ice cold shower. It cleanses the pores and invigorates the spirit.

• Tried Alligator Fritters. Each dinner offered at least one exotic appetizer to try. The first night offered escargot (which I didn’t try); the last night, sushi (which I’m accustomed to eating). The second night they offered alligator fritters. Surprisingly, they were delicious, so much so that I was tempted to ask for a second helping. Who knew gator would taste that good? They say it tastes like chicken. To me, it tasted more like quiche (perhaps because of the texture).

• Sampled vodka shots. Normally I’m not a drinker, but since complementary shots were served after dinner, I decided to try one each night. They weren’t exactly to my liking. The Scooby-Doo tasted like rotten children’s cough syrup, and the Kamikaze tasted like watermelon juice mixed with rubbing alcohol. Both of them had a burning sensation going down. The only shot I liked was the Furry Nipple. It tasted like butterscotch candy and ran smooth down my throat. I’ve never been interested in alcohol, and even after trying shots, I’m still not interested.

• Learned the Wobble. It’s tricky at first, but I managed to get the hang of it. The Biker Shuffle, on the other handle, was too complicated for me to master.

• Shook my groove thing. The Big Deck party the last night of the cruise had some of my favorite dances: the Macarena, the Cha-Cha Slide, and the Cupid Shuffle. It also had a new favorite dance of mine: Follow The Leader. The off-chance I ever find myself supervising an elementary school P.E. Class, this would be a song I’ll have my students dance to. It’s just that entertaining!

• Won $5 playing roulette. I don’t care for gambling. Tried it once during a previous cruise. Wound up blowing my vacation money. So I avoid the casino. But this time, I decided to try my luck at roulette. What do you know? I managed to win $5. The secret is to place your bets on the color rather than on single numbers. It costs more, but you have a 50/50 chance of winning and losing. You also have to know when to stop. Usually it’s after your first lost. After that, there’s no chance risking it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Primary Election Story

Yesterday was the primary election down here in the Sunshine State. Originally I had no intention of voting. I didn’t feel I was informed enough. In fact, I wasn’t informed at all. Sad to say that I’ve been living in Florida for over seven years and I’m grossly ignorant of the politics down here. Rick Scott is the governor. Marco Rubio is the senator. That’s all I know. Other than that, I don’t pay attention to local or state politics. And because I feel that the uninformed shouldn’t even be allowed 50 feet near a voting booth, I was going to skip out on the elections.

But then my mother insisted on voting.

“Do we even know who we’re voting for?” I asked her. We had been away on vacation for the past two weeks, so I was unsure if she knew anything about the candidates.

“Just vote Republican all the way,” she replied.

I raised a skeptical eyebrow at her.

“Well you’re not voting for a Democrat, are you?” she asked.

That’s my mom for you. If she doesn’t assume that not voting Republican is the same as voting Democrat (Third party? What’s that?), she thinks voting party line without bothering to research the candidates is a wise strategy. Who cares if the person running for Governor is a Medicare crook whose business collected millions in stimulus funds while campaigning against Obama’s economic stimulus? He has an ‘R’ next to his name. He has to be trustworthy! (And the saddest part is that this is how our Governor was elected.)

But this really shouldn’t be surprising coming from a woman who watches Fox News religiously and who assumes voting for Ron Paul is throwing away your vote—as opposed to voting for a crony capitalist Mormon whose state’s healthcare system was the model for Obamacare.

Wanting to be able to cast a somewhat informed vote, I decided to do some last-minute research the night before. I can’t say that the local newspaper’s voter’s guide was very helpful. Considering how all the candidates were Republican (making my mother’s strategy of voting only Republican more viable to her), their political statements often mirrored their opponent’s.

“I believe in creating an economic environment that promotes business growth and job creation.”

“I think we should create jobs and grow businesses by creating an economic environment that promotes them.”

What choices!

I decided to focus less on the candidates running for local office and more on those running for the local Congressional districts. I have no clue what a property appraiser is or what his job entails so why bother trying to decide which person would be the right choice for the job? I don’t even know what the job is. I shouldn’t be this uninformed. But sadly I am. Along with so many other Americans.

The choice for the first district’s Congressman was a no-brainer: one candidate opposed SOPA, the NDAA, the Super Congress, and drones in civilian airspace, the other wanted to slash everything except our over-bloated military. (Anyone who follows my blog will know who I voted for.)

Choosing the Congressman for the next district was trickier. Their political positions reflected one another in many instances except one: private prisons. One candidate thought it was a good idea for prisons to profit on how many prisoners they can physically contain, as though prisons were the same thing as motels (and people wonder why we have high incarceration rates in this country?), the other did not. I’m all for privatization, but not for institutions that are legit government responsibilities, prisons being one of them.

The next day, while driving to the polls, my mom asked me who I was voting for. I told her my choices. When she asked me why I was voting for them, I told her that one of them opposed the NDAA. She asked me what it was. I told her it contained a provision that allowed the military to indefinitely detain anyone, regardless of citizenship, without habeas corpus or due process, if they were suspected of being a terrorist or associated with terrorists.

“Well that’s a good thing!” she said.

“But it violates our Fourth Amendment rights,” I replied.

“As long as it protects us from the terrorists.”

“Even terrorists are entitled to due process.”

“No they’re not! The only thing they’re entitled to is a bullet to the head.”

My mom, ladies and gentlemen. God bless her soul. If the government suspects someone, even an American citizen, of being a terrorist, then by golly, shoot first, ask questions later. On second thought, just shoot. Screw questions. Questions are for Americans. Real Americans aren’t terrorists.

I decided to move on from there by telling her who the other candidate was and why I wasn’t voting for him because he didn’t want to cut defense spending.

“But we need the military,” she told me, assuming that making cuts to the military is the same thing as abolishing it. (Sort of like how libtarded moonbats assume that cutting Medicare is the same as shoving Grandma off a cliff.)

I told her that we spend more on the military than any other nation in the world. She insisted that cutting the military was a bad idea.

“We need to cut money where we waste it the most, like food stamps.”

Now if I were a libtarded moonbat, I would accuse my mother of being a social Darwinist who wants poor people to starve in the streets. But I won’t. Unlike libtarded moonbats, I realize that food stamps have increased under Obama. But even then, they only make up a fraction of a percent of our national budget as opposed to the 20 percent we spend on defense. I’m not a math major, but I know 20 percent is greater than a fraction of a percent. So why don’t “fiscal conservatives” like my mother and the rest of the Republican Party?

Well we finally reached the polls. I voted for my candidates. Sad to say that they didn’t win. But at least I voted, and at least I informed myself before voting. That’s more than I can say for the majority of Floridians if poll results are any indicator. (But then again, considering we elected a Medicare crook as governor, I shouldn’t be surprised.)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Comes

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. The fault has been a mix of work, vacation, and apathy. If I’m not bogged down with work, I’m on vacation with my folks. Otherwise, I’ve been overall apathetic. As of now, I’ve decided to place my blog under hiatus. No new blog posts until September.

Until then, here are human ponies at the beach:

It was inevitable by *GlancoJusticar on deviantART