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Friday, September 28, 2012

WTF Friday: Wingnutty Posts from a BNP Punk

Last week, the witty and equally rational Brit Coughlan616 released a video of him reacting to MarmiteMan4’s blog Revolution And Progress.

For those of you fortunate enough not to know him, MarmiteMan4 is a BNP-supporting punk who can best be described as David Duke only British and teenage. Like every other blond-haired blue-eyed nationalist, he tends to rant about how his county is under attack by everyone who isn’t blond-haired and blue-eyed like himself—especially those evil Jews in the NWO.

He recently took down all of his videos but continues his mindless racist rambles on his blog, which Coughlan did a hilarious reading of (even if it did cause him to lose his mind).

Here are just a few highlights from his blog:

• In a blog post about the Paralympics: "If you thought the Olympics were bad, with their pro-racial mixing, pro-mutliculturalism and homoerotic opening ceremony then you should of seen the Paralympic opening ceremomy. It was like Cultural Marxism on steroids." Commenting on a picture of the ceremony: "Looks like some sort of Aryan man who has no legs, no arms and a disfigured upper body. While Africans dance around it in some sort of weird celebration."

• In a post about Romney’s RNC Speech: "I think the anti-whites will the seething at the mouth that a White man is challenging their almighty leader Obama. I can't wait to see the egg on Mr Obama's face if he loses, the fallout from his failure will be so immense who knows what will happen. Black people certainly won't take it easy, if you know what I mean."

• In a post about the far-right Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn: “Clearly the left-wingers are scared of the Golden Dawn. They've even compared the Golden Dawn to the NSDAP of the 1930s which is ironic because their beautiful socialist friends known as SYRIZA look like Stalin's old boys from the 1920s.”

• In a post about progressives and pedophile rights: “Progressives constantly take credit for the abolition of slavery, the first step to an "equal and fair world". What these progressives don't tell you is that White Europeans didn't want to own slaves, it was semites such as Jews and Arabs who owned slaves and sold them off cheaply to North America.”

And those are just snippets of the pure wingnuttery of MarmiteMan4—or rather, as the Amazing Atheist called him, MarmiteBoy1/4!

You have to read the rest of the blog to get the total experience of going full retard. And you have to watch Coughlan’s video for his ROFL reaction to it. Seeing him slowly lose his mental composure will make it the best 28 minutes of your life, I guarantee: