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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blame Bites (10/25/2012)

93-Year-Old WWII Vet Dies After Casting Final Presidential Ballot From His Deathbed | The Blaze

The touching story of a time-worn patriot exercising his duty to vote even while on his deathbed. (Warning: Reading this requires a box of tissues at arm’s reach.)

Brian Williams: Obama Crowds Down To 5,000 From 50,000 In '08—'Different Crowds, Different Candidate' | NewsBusters

I don’t know which is better: the fact that so many Americans are beginning to wake up from the “Hope and Change” sham, or that the liberal media is actually reporting on it.

Presidential Debates Would Have Violated 'Speech Codes' of Host Universities | Big Government

If you thought the presidential debates lacked substance, imagine what they would have been liked if the candidates had to adhere to campus speech codes, especially the one of the university that hosted the debate, whose speech code bans, “Making a false or misleading oral or written statement that misrepresents the character, qualifications, or reputation of another.”

Newspaper Downplays Beating of Man Over Romney Yard Sign While Giving Full Coverage to Man Whose Obama Sign Was Damaged | NewsBusters

"In what can be called "signs of the times," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted a sparse 79-word report about a man who was savagely beaten by thugs attempting to remove his Romney/Ryan yard sign, but comparatively lavished 399 words on an incident in which someone only set an Obama campaign yard sign on fire."

Nice to know the mainstream media has their priorities straight. No wonder fewer Americans are reading newspapers these days.

Democrats 'offer free pizza, T-shirts for votes' | CBS News Denver
Democratic operatives from the Obama campaign were caught handing out free pizza and t-shirts to Colorado State University students in exchange for voting less than 100-feet from an early-voting location, in violation of Colorado law.

Gee, what do you call it again when you offer people free stuff in exchange for votes? Oh yes: bribery!

Then again, if we’re going to fault politicians for bribing voters with free stuff, then no politician is innocent. Every politician promises the citizenry free stuff, whether they’re promising the upper classes subsidies and tax breaks and loopholes, or promising the lower classes welfare and food stamps and other government programs.

Vandal Scrawls 'Racist' on Chicago Shop with Anti-Obama Sign | Big Government

And what did the shop owner do to deserve this smear against him (in more ways than one)? He posted this blatantly “racist” sign in his window: "Obama, I built this business working 7 days a week, you didn’t." Followed by: "Romney, if you want to be president, you have to say this: 'If I’m elected, I will not bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia.'"

Can you believe that “bigot” had the audacity to post such “hate speech”! Why that’s more “racist” than saying Obama is from Chicago or saying he plays a lot of golf. What’s next? Burning wooden crosses on the lawns of blacks? No, my brother! We need to fight this wave of “intolerance” lest we go back to the days of Jim Crow and segregation. Who's with me?!

American Schools Go on Utterly Insane Hiring Spree Since 1950. Kids Shrug, Continue to Do Poorly on Tests | Reason Magazine

“America’s public schools saw a 96 percent increase in students but increased administrators and other non-teaching staff a staggering 702 percent since 1950, according to a new study of school personnel by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice....Teaching staff, in comparison, increased 252 percent.”

So not only are teachers not underpaid, but schools are not understaffed. Makes you wonder what the teacher unions are really upset about.

Silence on Libya | Judge Andrew Napolitano

The honorable Judge Napolitano finds Romney and Obama guilty of remaining silent about Libya to preserve their own political standing:

“One can conclude from this that the president uttered a silent sigh of relief when he dodged a bullet. And one can conclude that Romney wanted to look and sound presidential and emphasize his economic credentials and allay fears that he wants another war. Whatever the gain and whatever the strategy, this matter of American deaths in Libya is of vital importance to American voters. It is important because it shows how far the American government has drifted from the confines of the Constitution and how far we as a people have drifted from the rule of law.”