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Friday, October 26, 2012

Blame Bites (10/26/2012)

Hillary Clinton to father of American murdered in Libya: We’ll ‘make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted’ | Red State

You know, rather than going after the filmmakers of a relatively unknown on-line movie, perhaps Clinton should go after the elected officals whose interventionist foreign policy sparked this blowback in the first place. But then again, that would mean taking personal responsibility for her and Obama’s own failed policies.

Wisconsin GOP campaign worker hospitalized after apparent gay-bashing assault | Daily Caller

First the young Romney supporter, now this guy. And yet the media isn’t covering either. I guess assault victims only matters if they’re Democrat. Because only those evil right-wingers commit violence against their political opponents, right?

Gallup: 2012 Electorate More Republican than 2004 | Big Government

"In 2008, 54% of likely voters identified as Democrat or lean Democrat. 42% of likely voters identified as GOP or lean GOP....This year, however, the Democrat advantage has disappeared. 49% of likely voters today identify as GOP or lean GOP. Just 46% of likely voters are or lean towards the Democrats. This is a 15-point swing towards the GOP from 2008 to an outright +3 advantage for the GOP. By comparison, in 2004, when Bush won reelection, the electorate was evenly split, with each party getting support from 48% of likely voters."

So the good news is that voters are more likely not to vote for Obama this year. The bad news is that they’ll be voting for Romney. Sigh. If only Americans were smart enough to vote for a real limited-government, fiscal conservative candidate like Gary Johnson.

Big Bird’s producer boasts well-padded retirement nest | Washington Times

"Far from being a pauper, Sesame Workshop, the company that produces the beloved children’s television program that has become an unlikely point of partisan bickering in the presidential campaign, has put away more than $100 million in investments, including more than $20 million in hedge funds and $9.7 million in a private equity fund."

So contrary to what Democrats claim, Sesame Street is not some dilapidated ghetto in desperate need of government backing. Judging by these figures, it seems more like a gated community within the Hamptons. So why are we worried about it losing funding, again? Oh yeah. That’s right. It’s to keep us distracted from the real issues.

Police Kill Dog, Shoot Owner As He Attempts To Intervene | Reason Magazine

This obviously isn’t the first time police have shot a dog, but this would be the first time they also shot the owner.

With all this police brutality against dogs, you have to wonder where PETA is on all of this? Are they seriously more concerned with Pokemon than they are man’s best friend?

CBS Plays Race Card: Will White Men Sink Obama? | Gateway Pundit

"It’s not just white men…It’s white women, thinking black men, enlightened Hispanics, free market Asians…Obama’s losing the whole rainbow of voters this year."

But of course, CBS has to focus on the white men not voting for Obama, because they’re clearly refusing to vote for him for no other reason other than he’s black.

Here's why you're tired of the campaign | Washington Times

"A record-breaking 915,000 presidential campaign ads have aired on broadcast and cable TV from late April through Sunday — a 45 percent increase compared with the 2008 election....President Obama’s campaign has spent an estimated $239 million on such ads so far, compared with Mitt Romney’s $92 million. Almost three-fourths of the president’s ads — 73 percent — are negative in tone...compared with 36 percent of Mr. Romney’s ads."

Yet another reason why I don’t watch television—though that hasn’t prevented me from being forced to watch political ads right before a YouTube or Blip video. Don’t you just hate having to watch ads before an on-line video? I stopped watching TV to get away from pesky advertisements, for Celestia’s sake!

Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias | Glenn Greenwald

“Ample ink is spilled over debating whether the US media is biased in favor of Republicans or Democrats. It is neither. The overwhelming, driving bias of the US media is subservience to power, whoever happens to be wielding it.”

And anyone who has been paying attention to the media would not be the least bit surprised by this. The media has been the lapdog of the politicians and their special interests rather than the watchdog of the people for a long time—far too long.