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Monday, October 29, 2012

Blame Bites (10/29/2012)

Not Political? Emails Show White House Drove Failed Green-Loan In Colorado | Complete Colorado

"And these are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy (DOE), they have nothing to do with politics."

That was Obama’s response to a question concerning a failed federally-subsidized “green energy” company. And wouldn’t you know it? Leaked e-mails reveal that response for the lie that it is. Politicians lying about cronyism? Inconceivable!

“Democrat of the Year” Convicted of Stealing Checks From 71 Year-Old Blind Woman with Cerebral Palsy | CBS Denver

Some would say naming this woman “Democrat of the Year” was a mistake. I disagree. The Democrats are all for spreading the wealth around, which means stealing from one person and giving to another (usually the highest bidder, like the banks or auto companies). So it only makes sense that the Party of Theft honors a thief as their own.

"One Marijuana Arrest Every 42 Seconds in U.S.," According to New FBI Crime Data | Reason Magazine

"The FBI has released a new report today showing that police in the U.S. arrest someone for marijuana every 42 seconds," writes Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, "and that 87% of those arrests are for possession alone."

Could you imagine if the police put that much effort into preventing rape and murder rather than arresting people for smoking a harmless plant? But that would be putting the best interests of the American people before the interests of the police unions and private prisons that profit from the War on Drugs.

VA Nurse Threatened for Supporting Romney: 'You Racist Bastards Might As Well Die' | Big Government

A registered nurse in Arizona received this note from her co-workers: "You Racist Bastards Might as well die and get it over. Romney Ryan will never win. You T Party Bastards Want to reverse the Progress in Society."

Can’t you just feel the love from the tolerant left?

Wisconsin Tea Party rally parking lots filled with nails | Legal Insurrection

"Attendees at a Racine, Wisc., Tea Party rally Saturday were met with a parking lots full of nails deliberately placed there early in the morning before the event," a Wisconsin blogger reported.

Now some idiots would jump to the conclusion that this sabotage was pulled off by a Democrat. But that’s can’t be the case. Because as we all know, liberals are tolerant and respectful. They’re clearly above such dirty-underhanded tactics, unlike those filthy Republicans!

Wait Until You See the ‘Blasphemous’ Bar Ad Featuring Jesus & Mary in Bed Together | The Blaze

While as a Christian, I find this ad blasphemous, as a libertarian, I support the restaurant owner’s freedom to create it. As Voltaire said: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Besides, at least the owner was smart enough (or perhaps, cowardly enough) to defame a religious figure whose followers will just send him angry letter and phone calls. If he chose to defame the Prophet Mohammad—well, I doubt he would have a restaurant left.