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Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Pony: Season 3 Premiere Clip Review

I know it’s been forever since my last Daily Pony—which is ironic considering how something called “Daily Pony” should be, well, daily—but rest assured: come Season 3, I will be returning to posting my thoughts of the new episodes (which I’m disappointed is only going to be thirteen episodes this season).

Speaking of Season 3, as you all probably know by now, the release date has been announced for November 10. So the new season is just around the corner.

And to sate us, Hasbro released a premiere clip of from the new season a few weeks ago. For this post, I will share my thoughts on it:

• From the preliminary artwork and this clip, the architecture of the Crystal Empire is reminiscent of that of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. They’re both cities made from crystal, so no surprise there.
• But what I do find surprising is how this city has streetlights. How can the city have electric lights if it’s over a thousand years old? Equestria may be different from our world, but I doubt they had electricity over a thousand years ago. (But then again, they could be powered by crystal magic.)
• Another thing that is surprising is how these ponies speak despite being thousands of years old. Princess Luna was trapped on the moon for a thousand years, and she spoke with an Elizabethan accent. (Then again, she didn’t have that accent after being transformed back from Nightmare Moon. I blame it on inconsistency.) Yet these ponies speak like modern ponies. What is up with that? (Again, I blame inconsistency.)
• The crystal ponies have crystal-like eyes, and from what Twilight mentions, their coats are supposed to be “crystaly.” Aside from the eyes and coats, one must wonder what other attributes separates the crystal ponies from the other pony races.
• Also, if King Sombra is (or was) the ruler of the Crystal Empire, why are his eyes much different from the Crystal ponies? Is he not a crystal pony himself? If so, then why is (or was) he ruling over them? Perhaps he wasn’t their rightful ruler and he usurped the real one. Considering Princess Cadence is supposed to be the ruler—or at least heir to the throne, considering how the city was under a spell for a thousand years—that could very well be the case here.
• Also, is the amnesia the crystal ponies are experiencing an effect of the spell, or is it self-induced. The crystal pony Twilight interviews does claim that she does not want to remember, so it could be very much self-induced.
• Rainbow Dash should know better than to beat up ponies for answers. I want to make a bad cop remark, but there is no good cop, so that would be pointless.
• Fluttershy almost slamming the table in anger = lulzy!
• Pinkie Pie is a spy!
• I know those goggles are a reference to something, but I don’t know what. They seem..familiar.