Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters

Tonight is All Hallow's Eve, and for the occasion, I decided to share something completely frightening: ventriloquism!

Okay, so Jeff Dunham's latest special "Minding the Monsters" may not be spine-tinglingly frightening, but it is gut-wrenchingly hilarious!

Jeff: So, where you're from, are there female suicide bombers?

Achmed: We're pushing for it.

Jeff: Why?

Achmed: It's a lot easier than divorce.

Jeff: So how did the [wedding] service go?

Walter: Well, the worst part was when the minister asked if anyone objected and no one would listen to me.

Jeff: Maybe they couldn't hear you?

Achmed: Hey, you're right. You weren't there!

Bubba J: I wanted to be a ghost, but somebody backstage told me a redneck in a white sheet weren't a good idea.

Jeff: Do you really think "Batnut" scares criminals?

Peanut: Of course, especially if they have a nut allergy. Taste my honey-roasted justice!