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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blame Bites (11/01/2012)

Ohio Student Arrested For Alleged Romney Threat | CBS Cleveland

Something tells me this story would be receiving a bit more attention if the student had threatened Obama.

Rev. Lowery, Who Delivered Obama Inaugural Benediction, Now Says 'All White Folks' Are 'Going to Hell' | NewsBusters

Liberal Logic 101: Saying an entire race is going to hell is not racist, but saying Obama is good at golf is!

With Looting In The Unarmed Big Apple, NYC’s Meddling Mayor Pumps $1.1 Mil To Union-Backed, Anti-Gun Democrat…In Florida! | Red State

Well if the citizens of New York want to be protected from looters, they can always turn to the NYPD...unless they own firearms, then the Mayor says they're on their own!

Court May Force Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman to Have Abortion | LifeNews

Where's the pro-"choice" crowd on this? Isn't this the state interfering with a woman's control over her own body?

KY Judge Shuts Down Christians-Only Health Care Cooperative Plan, Citing State Regulations | The Blaze

We can't have private organizations offering healthcare to individuals who can't afford it (especially if they're Christian!): that's the job of the government and insurance companies!

If You Do Not Like Gov’t Bureaucracy, Do Not Read This Story About a Chinese Restaurant Trying to Help Sandy Victims | The Blaze

Local restaurants getting rid of their perishable food during a blackout by serving it to people who may need it? We can't have that! Somebody call the government on them!

Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama’s four years | Washington Times

So those must be the jobs Obama promised he was going to create. "Dey turk err jurbz!"

EPA Regulations Wreak Havoc on Ohio Coal, Electric Companies | Red State

But regulations don't kill jobs! That's just a right-wing talking point with no evidence to back it up.

D+7 VA Poll Finds Obama Underperforming Among Blacks | Big Government

I highly doubt they hate him because he's black.

Obama Support Collapsing Among Independents | Resurgent Republic

Too bad they're going to waste their votes on Romney. Sigh. When will Americans start seeing past their two-party illusion of choice?

Andrew Sullivan: 'If You Voted For Obama in 2008 and Don't in 2012, You Never Really Voted For Him' | NewsBusters

No, actually, they did vote for him. They just realized that the past four years of reckless spending, foreign policy and, disregard for our civil liberties wasn't exactly the "Hope and Change" they had been promised.