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Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Pony: Touching Season 3 Letter

Make sure there’s a tissue box within arm’s reach. If not, go grab one right now, because this story about a cancer-stricken fan and her final days with her best friend enjoying their favorite show will cause you to well up. I couldn’t even make it halfway through reading this before having to dry my eyes, and I’m usually not the emotional type.

The following is a letter from a dying cancer patient to her best friend and fellow pony fan, e-mailed by her sister upon her death, and shared on r/mylittlepony. Again, a handy tissue box is advised before reading this:
Dear Adrian,

First off I want to say that spending time with you has been a blast. Ever since you introduced me to MLP:FiM I was able to endure the long and boring nights in the hospital. Thank you for that. Every week I would be so excited when a new episode comes out that I could hardly fall asleep. It was also partly because you would come and see me. The doctors said it was bad for me, but I couldn't help myself. I didn't tell you this because I knew you would stop coming, but I knew that being curled up next to you while we watch MLP was the best medicine that no doctor can give.

When you first told me about it I was skeptical. I mean, come on, it's ponies, but it seems like you really enjoyed it so I gave it a try. After the first few episodes I was hooked too. The smile you gave me when I admitted that I loved the show made me smile too. We both found solace from this show. Cancer for me and depression for you. I guess you could say we complete each other, like how two broken pieces can create a whole even if it is mismatched. I knew it wouldn't last long though. We were near the end of Season 2 and there were no more episodes left. I felt sad that it was over. Watching the show gave me an escape from reality and it was over. I wanted to tell you to come back the next day but I didn't, I didn't want to come off as someone selfish. But I didn't have to; you came back the next day too. You showed me Reddit's r/mylittlepony. I enjoyed their drawings and the community; you gave me back the magic. You even showed me FiMFiction for stories the fan wrote.

You kept coming back again and again, showing me new MLP stuff. Your drawings and even reading some of your own stories. You even offered to rewatch the series again, and I said yes. Truthfully though, the second time we watched it, I wasn't even watching. I just wanted to be near you, to see your face, to feel your warmth. Sometimes I would pretend to fall asleep so that you would put your arms around me. Or I would quietly sneak glances in the corner of my eye to memorize your face. And no matter what people say, you're beautiful. I never got the courage to tell you that, but you were braver than me. You would tell me things all the time. Things that made my day better.

You would tell me that I looked beautiful even though I had tubes coming out of me. You would tell me I'm going to be fine even though we both know I won't. You would tell me that you were always going to be here for me even though that's impossible. You would tell me that my drawings and stories were good even though it couldn't compare to yours. You would tell me that Rarity is the best pony, even though Applejack is the best.

You would tell me all of these things, but you never told me what I want to hear the most. You didn't love me, at least not the way I love you. I thought I was over you but you kept coming back. I never told you this in person so I'll write it.

I love you. I really, really love you. So, so much. I never stopped loving you. When you rejected me back in high school I was hurt and tried to get over it, but I guess I didn't. I knew you didn't see me like that, but I could. And it didn't stop me from loving you. It might sound creepy but I learned a lot about you. I knew you had a rough childhood. I knew why you didn't have any friends. I knew that you hide behind your smile. I knew why you have that scar on your face. I knew all these things but I still love you.

I'm going to miss our weekly discussion. I'm going to miss our small arguments on who's the best pony. I'm going to miss your drawings. I'm going to miss your stories. I'm going to miss you. I can't say it enough, but I'll miss you.

I wish that I wasn't sick. I wish that I could grow old. I wish that I could start a family. I wish that I could introduce my kids to the show. I wish that you could stay here by my side, watching our favourite show together, forever.

I know I promised to watch the Season 3 premier with you, but I honestly think I won't make it. So I want you to have something. My Applejack plushie. I want you to take it with you whenever you watch an episode, so I can be with you. Remember to make those comments that I love hearing on each episode. Pretend that whenever you talk to Applejack, you're talking to me.

There are a lot of things I want to tell you but I won't have enough time. There is one though that you should know. I hope you beat your depression. I won’t be able to beat my cancer, I know that and you do too. But maybe you can beat your illness. I know you can. Every time we watch an episode, I wouldn't focus on the show at all. I would just look at you, and I can see that you truly enjoyed it. Use it to find a new meaning in life. Be a new person, go out, and make new friends that will understand you. You can do it. You were able to help me through a rough time and I can't repay you but just give you my words and I hope it's enough.

Lastly I want to end this letter just like the letters the mane six write at the end of every episode. I guess you could say this is my last episode so it seems appropriate. So here's what I learned:

That friendship truly is magic.

Your best friend,