Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Foamy The Squirrel: 2012 Election Special Radio Broadcast

Words of wisdom on the election from everyone's favorite animated squirrel.

Every election year, people get all up in arms in an attempt to back their political candidate of choice. For what? Politicians are useless bickering pricks. They accomplish nothing, adhere too strongly to their party lines, and their inability to compromise leaves the rest of the country in a staled state of unproductive stagnation.

"But Foamy, voting is important!" I'll agree. But be it a vote for "change," or a vote for the "same," the slow, lumbering dinosaur that is the political machine sh**s out the same results every year: NOTHING!

"Well, well, it's the Republicans fault!" "No, no, no, it's the Democrats fault!" Maybe, just maybe, it's our fault! We keep choosing the same failed candidates year after year, and their actions are a direct result of our vote. We chose these people. It's our fault!

So when it comes time to vote, don't think Republican. Don't think Democrat. Go independent. F*** party lines. They're useless! The world is not black and white. So why should our political structure be? F***ing two-party system! That's like being forced to choose between Coke and Pepsi when all you want is water. All I want is water!
And for everyone who claims Foamy is too negative, he has a response to that too:
Unlike the shiny happy people who decide to sit in the corner with their fingers in their ears, I choose to address things rather than ignore them. If more of you did the same, maybe we could actually make some sort of progress and making things a little better rather than just pretending that they are. If I'm too negative, you're too ignorant not to be!