Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, November 19, 2012

Foamy The Squirrel: Unionized Twinkies Rapture

Everyone's favorite animated squirrel rants about how Twinkies are no more "because some jerkoff union leader decided to tell all the Hostess workers to go on strike."

Unions were valuable back in the day when your average worker was getting royally-screwed over by the man. As the years went on, unions fought long and hard for worker's rights to fair wages and so on. They were an essential part of the worker's movement in the United States.

However, fair wages is not like a thousand grand a year for baking a Twinkie. The problems with unions is that they have reinforced this self-entitlement mentality among workers. The wages became obscene, the demands absurd, and before you know it, "Big Bad Mister Man" didn't have enough money to pay their employees. So what happens? Layoffs! People lose their jobs!

Now, in the case of Twinkies, from what I read, the folks at Hostess wanted to do an eight percent pay cut to keep the factories open. Personally, I'd be kind of pissed taking any kind of payoff. But the reality of the world is we're kind of economically fucked right now. So, instead of logically taking into consideration America's economical climate, everyone went on strike, no one worked, and Hostess, even though they warned everyone that they would have to close their doors permanently if they didn't go back to work, had to do just that: they closed their doors. No one's working! All because everyone got greedy!