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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"One Bad Apple" Review

Starting with this episode, I decided to revise how I write my reviews. Normally, I just list all my thoughts in bullet form; but from this point on, I will be organizing them in a more coherent order, dividing them topic-by-topic.

With that said, here is the episode and my thoughts on it:

One Bad Apple


• One of Apple Bloom’s outfits is a pair of lederhosen. I wonder if it’s from her Uncle Apple Strudel introduced in “Family Appreciation Day.”
• Another outfit of her’s looks like what Fluttershy used to disguise herself in public in “Green Isn’t Your Color.”
• As we see in this episode, Apple Jack has a bad habit of unintentionally forgetting to mention important information.
• Scootaloo flies, Sweetie Belle uses a little bit of magic, and Apple…builds a float I guess. So all the Cutie Mark Crusaders are maturing, sort of.
• Apple Bloom, of course a male conductor and cow is not your cousin!
• At the start, Babs seems kind of shy, which only makes her transformation all the more startling, if not confusing and contrived.
• “Lame-kin”? How lame!
• Scootaloo: “I can’t believe she destroyed our float.” Apple Bloom: “I can’t believe I’m related to a big, stinky bully.” I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER! (Sorry! Had to make the joke!)
• The Cutie Mark Crusaders bobbing their heads in the song = EXTREMLEY CUTE!
• Doctor Whooves is watching the movie with a female friend. Sadly, it's not Derpy! :(
• Is it just me, or does the animated soda cup remind anyone else of Bloo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends? They both have the same shade of blue.
• Sweetie Belle and her family live near the lake next to a windmill.
• It seems as though Sweetie Belle’s father either eats her cooking as a snack, or he uses it as bait for his fishing.
• Apple Bloom wasn’t kicked out of her own bed. Apple Jack said she was going to sleep there in the beginning.
• Something tells me the cow doesn’t take too kindly to someone mimicking her species’ call.
• Apparently, Rarity has luster dust on her emergency edible boots. And she has emergency edible boots! What?
• The A-Team theme plays while the CMC build their float.
• Three school-aged foals are able to build a motorized float with a timed booby trap. How many kindergartens do you know are able to build something like that?
• The tomato vendor from “Putting Your Hoof Down” is selling hot carrot cakes.
• And we see the other Mane Six and Spike—for five seconds—without any lines. I love these CMC episodes!
• Roseluck appears in the parade dressed as a rose bush.
• BonBon appears twice in the crowd while the CMC chase the float.
• Apparently, the town is on a cliff before a lake.
• Doctor Whooves wears a pear costume. (But, he hates pears!)
• Apple Bloom states my thoughts on Pinkie’s attempt at a joke exactly: “Seriously?”
• Sweetie Belle: “Oh why does life have to be so ironic?!” Because the writers made it that way.
• Scootaloo plays one mean drum!
• And Scootaloo should also revise her list. Way too long!


• So did Scootaloo keep Babs’ eyes covered all the way from the train station to the treehouse? If so, that’s kind of dangerous.
• Do the CMC really need a list for a roll call? There are only three members.
• How did three young fillies manage to make such a large and complicated float?
• So do Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just go onto other people’s property uninvited just to mock them? I can only assume that Filthy Rich is visiting Granny Smith again and brought his daughter and her friend along.
• This YouTube comment sums up my feelings about this episode: "I know she's young and s*** but how can you be so heartless to choose a bunch of bitchy strangers over your own family?"
• I can sort of understand Babs Seed joining with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but flat-out destroying the CMC’s float? That’s going a bit far, isn’t it?
• How is Apple Bloom going to avoid talking to Apple Jack about Babs? Considering Babs is staying with them, wouldn’t AJ notice the tension between the two?
• This is the part that bugs me the most: I never understood why DT and SS would want to hang out with Babs, considering she doesn’t have a Cutie Mark, and they hate ponies without Cutie Marks.
• How is Babs and the others going to get down from the treehouse if she knocked down the ladder?
• Why did Scootaloo blow luster dust on Sweetie Belle? What was the point of that?
• If Pinkie Pie was participating in the parade, why was she in the crowd earlier?
• Why did Pinkie leave the float unmanned while the CMC entered it? Did she assume they were going to drive it?
• Does Pinkie Pie seem too desperate for a pun?
• Why wasn’t it Feather Weight taking pictures at the crash? He’s the school photographer.


• Apple Bloom: “This is really a good spot for thinking up great ideas.”
• Apple Bloom: “What just happened?”
Sweetie Belle: “I think Babs just went to the Dark Side.”
• Sweetie Belle: “Isn’t it smashing. No! I mean, isn’t it a hit? No! No! No hitting!”
• Diamond Tiara: “Too cool for mule!”
• Pinkie Pie: “Veggie Salad! Veggie Salad!”
• Apple Bloom: “Perhaps we’ll get our cutie marks in stupidest idea of all times.”
• Sweetie Belle: “Oh why does life have to be so ironic?!”


• Sweetie Belle: I’m so excited, I think I can burst!” (Fireworks from horn)
• Apple Bloom “And sometimes we stand right here and think of great ideas.” (Light turns on over Sweetie Belle’s head)
• The animated food in the movie theater and Babs seed breaking the Fourth Wall.
• The CMC dressed as pigs, and Babs as a wolf!
• Sweetie Belle crying and Apple Bloom shielding herself with an umbrella.
• Scootaloo with an ink stain on her rump she mistakes as a wrench cutie mark.
• Apple Bloom positioning the mattress in the exact spot that Babs was going to shove them.
• The balloons deflating when Apple Jack congratulates the CMC.
• The CMC emblem falls off when DT and SS make fun of them.


“Babs Seed” is the best song in the season thus far. Sure, it’s the third song, and we still have nine episodes to go, but on its own, this is a good song. The entire song is upbeat and reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, especially with the opening scene in the malt shop. The chorus is the most memorable part, as it remains in your head even hours or days after you listen to it. And of course, the animation that goes with it is cute. Overall, this was an awesome song, and I can see why the composer David Ingram said it was his favorite song to produce. This was certainly my favorite song to listen to. (Oh, and apparently, it has a hard rock version. That’s 20 percent cooler!)