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Friday, November 23, 2012

"Too Many Pinkie Pies" Review

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Yeah, I know it's late—six days late!—but you know what they say: better later than never. Overall, this was a laugh-out-loud hilarious episode that more than makes up for the disappointing two-parter that opened this season.

Here is the episode along with my thoughts on it:

Too Many Pinkie Pies

• Seeing Twilight misfire her spell after Pinkie jumps her raise an important question: why is Twilight practicing her spells outside in public where they can easily miss and hurt someone?
• Pinkie: “Whatcha doing” (Anyone else reminded of Phineas and Ferb?)
• Anyone else find Rarity’s cloak more attractive than her actual dress? (Or is it just me?)
• Also, does Rarity asking “No?” remind anyone else of Fifi from Tiny Toons? (Or is it just me?)
• Spike: “We weren’t going to turn her into an orange. I swear!” (Favorite line in the episode!)
• Apparently, in Equestria, fog is created by clouds that become too heavy, as opposed to water simply evaporating and condensing near the ground.
• Also, why didn’t Rainbow Dash think of spinning around the cloud to thin it out? She is the fastest pegasus in Equestria. It would have been much easier for her than to simply beat it with her tail.
• Apple Jack and Apple Bloom say nothing. Uh, I too have nothing to say about it.
• Does Pinkie gasping for air remind anyone else of a gasping fish?
• Pinkie: “Are you doing anything fun?” Fluttershy: “Not especially.” (Angel: “What am I? Chop liver?”)
• Why does Fluttershy have a couch for butterflies? (And why does it look like Rarity’s couch?)
• Fluttershy: “I can promise not to do anything fun at all if that will help.” LOL!
• Pinkie exits to the left (away from Dash). Dash enters from the right. Inconsistency?
• Didn’t Applejack build a barn in the last season in “Lesson Zero.” Okay, technically, she had Rainbow Dash destroy an old barn in order to build a new one. So does this episode follow that one chronologically? Or does the Apple Family have more than one barn?
• Again, with the misfire, why does Twilight practice her magic outside in public where she can accidently hurt someone?
• Twilight mentions “Wide Wide World of Equestria” while Pinkie holds a stopwatch. Sports reference?
• The only way for Pinkie to be in two places at once is if there were more of her to go around…or if she uses a Time Turner to turn back time so she can participate in both events. (Guess that reference!)
• And LOL! at her clock-like animation while thinking.
• If the Legend of the Mirror Pool is real, how come no other pony but Pinkie knows about it? (I guess for the same reason no one else knew about Nightmare Moon’s release or the Crystal Empire.)
• “Ah Pinkie, you have got to stop talking to yourself…starting now!”
• Okay, it’s here I have to wonder how the Mirror Pool works. We see Pinkie enter the pool, only to see her pop up on the other side and see another Pinkie—yet it’s implied that the Pinkie that popped out of the pool is the clone and the real Pinkie is standing on the water’s edge. This raises a lot of questions, and will no doubt be exploited by the fan theorists.
• Question: why does the real Pinkie have to explain who her friends are and where Ponyville is to her clone? If her clone is an exact replica of her, shouldn’t it also have the same knowledge as her?
• Pinkie goes “Squee!”
• “I’m off to double my fun.” Double your pleasure, double your fun, it’s the statement of the great mint in Doublemint gum!
• Rainbow Dash is still reading her Daring Doo book! Wait, didn't she already finish that one?
• Pinkie is able to blow up her inflatable ring before landing in the pool.
• Confusing conversation with Pinkie is confusing!
• Be careful how you pick your berries, Fluttershy. You may end up picking a bear’s, um, berries. (Guess the reference!)
• Is that the same bear Fluttershy kicked the crap out of in “Lesson Zero?”
• Wouldn’t it have been interesting, if not disturbing, if Pinkie had not eaten the cheese, but rather the mouse?
• Pinkie: “Walls are closing in.” Fluttershy: “Walls? But, we’re outside.” Pinkie Pie—the only pony who recognizes the fourth wall.
• Rainbow Dash is skeptical about Pinkie Pie’s duplicates. Um, this is a world where the sun and moon are controlled by royalty and where messages are delivered via dragon’s breath. I think a pond that can create duplicates is not outside the realm of possibilities here.
• (After Pinkie lands in the water gently) Dash: “How did you do that?” Pinkie: “Just trying to show some consideration.” Good enough an explanation for me.
• I could point out all the "double" gags in this episode, but then we would be here all day.
• One of the clones eats a wild toadstool. Nothing good ever came from that.
• "Fun! Fun! Fun!" ("Mine! Mine! Mine!")
• Again, if these are her clones, they why do they have to be taught who her friends are? Shouldn’t they also have the same knowledge as her?
• One of the Pinkie’s at the pond is banging a drum. She keeps going, and going, and going, and…
• One of Apple Jack’s relatives is Lickety Split from “The Secret of My Excess.”
• Is a Pinkie clone dancing Gangam Style in the barn door?
• One of the ponies in the angry crowd is Jazz.
• And the mob just waits outside while Twilight searches her library. Talk about patient.
• Spike finds the book with the Legend of the Mirror Pool in a secret compartment behind the bookshelf. I feel this may be setting up something for this season (as much fan speculation has surrounded Luna’s book at the end of the last episode, also hinting something big in this season), but I have to ask: if the legend is in a secret book, than how did Pinkie’s nana know about it?
• Fancy Pants appears in Ponyville—with a smashing bowler hat, I must say!
• You know it’s bad when the real Pinkie can’t tell who the real Pinkie is.
• One of the Pinkies in the background is bouncing like she did in “Baby Cakes.”
• Funny how the depressed Pinkie isn’t acting or looking like Pinkamena. That is how she normally looks when she is depressed.
• It’s bad when the real Pinkie sees the flaw within her own proposed test.
• Apparently, all the woodland critters live in the same tree—with modern amenities, no less!
• Apple Jack and her family round up the other Pinkies like cattle.
• Interesting how Macintosh and Apple Bloom say nothing in this episode.
• Watching paint dry? LOL!
• Only Spike can get excited about watching others watching paint dry.
• Rainbow Dash has a Wonderbolts watch!
• Does seeing Pinkie Pie inflate remind anyone else of Mrs. Puff from Spongebob? (Oh, Spongebob, why?)
• AH! Ponies with fingers!
• AH! Pony with a G3 Face! (Jesus Christ how horrifying!)
• Even the real Pinkie has to double check to make sure she is the real one!
• Pinkie’s bedroom is downstairs? Isn’t it supposed to be upstairs?
• Of course they close away the mirror pond at the end. (Though why is Big Mac there?)
• Pinkie Pie sleeps and shakes her hoof like a dog.