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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moonbat-to-Libertarian Deconversion Story

Mark Twain once said that "a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes." Nowhere is this saying more true than the Internet, where the information superhighway allows for the easy flow of both information and misinformation, but sadly, in most cases, misinformation.

This is especially true for social media sites like reddit. The entire site, especially r/politics and r/atheism, is the epitome of willful ignorance--a testament to how internet users can have quick and easy access to information, and yet choose not to utilize it, choosing rather to remain isolated within their own ideological bubble.

This is not to say that the entire site is without merit. I find that r/politicaldiscussion allows for more thoughtful and civil political discussion that r/politics, and I appreciate how r/circlejerk and r/circlebroke both highlight the absurdities rampant within the site. And I especially love subreddits such as r/libertarian, r/anarcho_capitalism, r/austrian_economics, and of course, r/mylittlepony!

But the rest of the site is yet to be desired. Whenever I visit it, what little faith I have in humanity takes a sharp nosedive. It makes me lose hope that knowledge will ultimately triumph over ignorance, as the site proves the exact opposite to be true.

But today, I managed to regain just a smidgen of my faith in humanity when I ran across this gem in r/libertarian. It's a self post by a former libtarded moonbat who managed to see the light and become a libertarian.

I know that "conversion" stories are a dime a dozen, and that people change their minds all the time on any given subject, but this story gives me hope that the libertarian side still manages to have weight to it, and that, no matter how close-minded some moonbats may seem to be, there is still a chance that we can reach them and convince them to join our side.

Hopefully more will realize the failure that is Barack Obama, Keynesian economics, and progressivism as a whole and side with logic, reason, and evidence. But we can only hope and pray.

Anyway, here is the self-post:
I used to be a hardcore, class warfare, top-down, centralized managed economy Progressive (Though as a Progressive I was still for civil liberties and ending the Drug War. As many Progressives are. Personal freedom, but economic regulation. Think more Occupy Wall Street). I think I was first attracted to Progressism due to big name Progressives like Teddy Roosevelt and FDR and Progressism's visionary forward thinking message. The power of government to remake society, to change the course of rivers, to tear apart cities and put them back together again. [Or maybe I was an authoritarian that believed there was such a thing as a benevolent dictatorship.]

And I thought Libertarians were all misguided people used by corporations to free themselves from government regulations so that corporations could oppress people more. I was one of those "Who will build the roads?" Progressives. Yeah I was one of those type of people.

As you guys would know after Obama became President. He was a huge corporatist, he didn't put Wall Street bankers in jail, he expanded Bush's War On Terror, secret wars, etc.

And Progressives and Liberals wouldn't criticize him even when Obama was doing the exact same things they would have hated a Republican for. You wouldn't believe the hate I got from so-called "Liberals" for criticizing Obama.

I started to read the few Progressive blogs that criticized Obama to soothe my disappointment in Obama. But that wasn't enough so I started to read conservative sites that criticized Obama. And that got me exposed to free-market economics and then Libertarianism which also shared my social views. After reading about all the waste, fraud, inefficiencies, corruption, cronyism, bribery, and favoritism as well as the broken promises of people promising that government can fix our problems I finally reject Utopian notions of government.

So there is my story. I guess I'm sharing my story because I wanted people to read a story where a Progressive person changed his mind. And I credit r/Libertarian a lot with it as I couldn't stand the Obama followers in r/Politics so I came over here to read about legitimate criticism of Obama on civil liberties, foreign policy and the Drug War and got exposed to other Libertarian ideas.