Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, December 14, 2012

r/politics = Pure Scum

If you ever decide to visit Reddit, and you're masochistic enough to venture into r/politics, it's best to treat the subreddit like a comedy: the premise is that the redditors there consider themselves to be the living epitome of equality, social justice, and open-mindedness, and they assume that everyone else should look to them for guidance on all the world's plights and issues; and the joke is that they're actually a reprehensible bunch of scumbags composed of the lowest form of scum on earth.

One would assume that a subreddit called r/politics would consist of a wide and diverse spectrum of political viewpoints; instead, it's heavy-handed towards the far left with any viewpoint leaning slightly to the right of Fidel Castro being downvoted into oblivion. This wouldn't be so bad if the subreddit were called r/liberal, r/progressive, or even r/liberalhippiedouche, but it's not. It's called r/politics. And as such, it ought to be a marketplace of political ideas, not an ideological monopoly. The redditors on there know this and they don't care because they're right and everyone else is wrong (or so they assume).

Recently, another subreddit called r/conservative went private, which means that only members of that subreddit are allowed to post threads and leave comments. The decision was made because redditors from r/politics would often spill over into the subreddit and troll it and the redditors there relentlessly. Of course, the folks on r/politics claim it's because conservatives (or in their case, sane people) cannot handle constructive criticism. (And by "constructive criticism," they really mean calling people racists.)

Over on r/politics, a self-post was made about r/conservative going private, and the comments are what you would expect from libtarded moonbats: that conservatives are nothing but a bunch of misinformed, uneducated simpletons who cannot handle differing opinions from their own and choose to live in their own ideological bubble. (The sheer projection is so ironic it's painful!)

I'm not going to list every comment made on there (as I don't want you all to lose your lunch), but I do want to highlight one comment which I feel sums up the character of r/politics to a tee:
r/conservative is like the short bus and special classroom on reddit. We don't like to acknowledge it exists, but it does. We feel bad for the parents of the people there because they have to/had to deal with it. We put up with them because everyone has a right to have their opinion heard, but, and this is important, just like the special class room, we should have the right to laugh at their opinions if those opinions are as absurd as theirs can be at times.
Wow! I'm not sure what's worse: that they consider conservatives "mentally-retarded" or that they feel it's okay to laugh and ridicule mentally-retarded people.

These people are scum. Pure scum.