Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Stupid Things About Alex Jones

I know that many of my fellow libertarians and conservatives love Alex Jones. I don’t. The man is a tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy nutcase. There are better representatives out there for liberty and freedom. We most certainly don’t need Jones as one.

Here are four stupid things about him. (Actually, it’s five, but reason #3 is bogus for obvious reasons.)

“While it might be tempting to blame the success of someone as delusional, not to mention as shameless and as cynical as Jones on the internet…I blame the millions of people who reflexively reject everything they hear from the government and the mainstream media, and yet hold Alex Jones as a beacon of truth. As much as any of the dictators he is incisively warning us about, Jones himself is a testament to the power of groupthink and the dangers of credulity. And when you add that to what an overbearing ass**** he is—I mean, f*** that guy!”