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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apple Family Reunion Recap

Sorry it took me two weeks after this episode to give you all the recap. I recently got back from Christmas vacation, and I had no time to do a recap for either this episode or for "Spike At Your Service."

So here it is, better late than never:

Apple Family Reunion


• The relatives attending are from Yonderhill, Hollow Shades, Galloping Gorge, Foal Mountain, Filydelphia, Tall Tail Town, Manehattan, and Applelosa. (Or rather, A-A-A-pplelosa!)
• The picture in the living room behind Granny Smith is a parody of “American Gothic.”
• “Apple Sauce” goes by “Apple Jam” now that she is older, which shows that ponies can change their names when they get older. (Which is probably why “Granny Smith” wasn’t always called “Granny.”)
• Apple Rose is Granny Smith’s favorite cousin.
• One of the ponies in the seven-legged race looks a lot like one of the Flim-Flam brothers.
• It’s officially canon: the two falling stars in the night scenes represent Apple Jack’s dead parents.
• Considering how reluctant Apple Jack was to ask for help in “Applebuck Season,” it’s nice to see her receive help from her friends in this episode. It really shows character development on her part.
• Recurring characters that appear: Braeburn, Hayseed, Uncle Apple Streusel, Aunt Orange, and of course, Babs Seed. (It’s especially nice to see a recurring character appear in the same season they debuted in. Usually, they never reappear until the next season.)
• Apple Jack has to introduce herself to her own family (which isn’t surprising, seeing how expansive it is, so she’s probably not meet them all.)
• The tongue twister: "Happy Pony Picked a Pluck of Pickely Pluff Nuggets"
• Apple Jack balances a plate on her head, just like how Apple Bloom balanced one on hers in “The Cutie Pox.”
• Apple Bloom says “Seriously?” just like she did in “Bad Apple.”
• Apple Bloom gives a Wilhelm scream after spinning around the tree.
• Big Macintosh is able to eat a freshly baked apple fritter without burning his mouth.
• The two stallions who pull the hayride are from Appaloosa.
• Fruit Bats, as their names imply, look exactly like fruit.
• Ponies that (unintentionally) appear in the crowd during the song: Cloud Flitter, Bon Bon, Carrot Top, Cherry Berry.
• Apple Jack actually says “Get R’ Done!”
• The fiddler looks like Octavia with blue hair. (And she has very fluid animation!)
• Apple Jack slides in for the photo.
• Two ponies are missing from the family photo. Can you guess who?
• This is the first time since “Too Many Pinkie Pies” that we see a letter to Princess Celestia.

• If it’s been 100 moons (over 8 years) since the last Apple Family reunion, what about the reunion in the first episode? Does that mean the events in the first episode happened eight years ago? Or was the reunion in that episode not an official one? Or maybe the creators are simply inconsistent with the canon. (Yeah, that’s my guess, too!)
• Does the contrast between Granny Smith and Apple Sauce remind anyone else of Madame Foster and her rival Jenkins from “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends”? (Their hairstyles are even the same!)
• One question about the Apple Family: Every pony in the family has an apple name and apple cutie mark (thus the name). So what about those who marry into the family? Obviously, they’re not Apples…unless….ewh! Don’t even want to think about it.


• Granny Smith pulling back her face to make her look young.
• Baby Apple Jack.
• Apple Jack covered in glitter.
• Wet mane Apple Jack.
• Spike being used as a lighter.
• Apple Jack with three apples in her mouth. (Remind anyone else of the Pony.MOV series?)
• Apple Sauce’s teeth rattling out of her mouth.
• Apple Sauce’s teeth flying out of her mouth and landing on Big Macintosh.
• Granny Smith scrunching her face.
• Apple Bloom and Babs Seed posing for their photo.


• Granny Smith: “Well, no pony ever told me you had to knot the end of the thread!”
• Baby Apple Jack: “I’m Apple Jack! More apple fwittuh?”
• Babs Seed: "Fugetaboutit!"
• Babs: “Whoa! Is that the finish line? It’s like a mile away or something!” Apple Jack: “Actually, that’s just the marker where you go onto the next leg of the race.”
• Apple Sauce: “I imagine you two think I have forgotten what you did to my parasol six reunions ago?” Granny Smith: “We was just using it to break open that piƱata.”
• Babs Seed: (After speaking tongue twisters) “I can’t feel my tongue.”


• “Raise This Barn.” This is the fourth song in the season. (Which makes you wonder where all the other songs are, especially since this season is only half as long!) And while I wouldn’t say it is the best, it is the catchiest. It’s simple. Which is how it’s supposed to be, being a hoedown. Overall, it was a decent song, and a fitting one for Apple Jack.