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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jon Stewart PWNS Paul Krugman

This week saw an intellectual smackdown between a comedian who makes a living spouting utter nonsense that people laugh at…and Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

For those of you who have been living under a rock since the beginning of the New Year, economist Paul Krugman and other Democrats have been pushing for an idea to pay of the national debt by minting a trillion dollar platinum coin.

Most sensible people would find this suggestion absurd, but considering it’s being pushed by the same man who suggested we could stimulate the economy by preparing for an alien invasion, this absurdity is to be expected.

Also to be expected is for this big stupid idea to be mocked by Daily Show’s Jon Stewart for being, well, a big stupid idea.

Well, Krugman didn’t take this mocking all too well, and responded in a blog post, accusing Stewart and his staff of having a “lack of professionalism.” (Of course, what else Krugman was expecting from a comedy show is beyond me.)

Not the one to be outdone, Stewart responded to “the rare grey-bearded urban laureate” in the most epic manner.

“If somebody’s ruining their brand with a trillion dollar coin idea,” Stewart said, “It’s the non-economist!”

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Paul Krugman & the Trillion Dollar Coin
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