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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Keep Calm And Flutter On" Recap

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You know what they say: better late than never. And what an episode! Fluttershy AND Discord? Need I say more?

Here's the episode and my thoughts on it:

Keep Calm And Flutter On


• Ponies have hooves that can be polished. I know that sounds obvious, but watching the show, it doesn't appear that the ponies have hooves, only marshmallowy stubs at the end of their legs (with the exception of stallions like Big Macintosh, of course.)
• Many have expressed concern about the possibility of reforming Discord. For the most part, he seems like the most likely villain capable of being reformed. As a villain, he wasn't evil, merely mischievous. He's more like a rambunctious child than an evil psychopath (i.e.: Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra.)
• Despite what Dash and the other ponies believe, Fluttershy is the most likely one of them to reform Discord. After all, she was the only one not to be tricked by Discord's magic, which Discord himself was forced to impose on her.
• The beaver is called Mr. Beaverton Beaver. How original!
• Isn't it interesting how the power of the Elements of Harmony always changes depending on the circumstance? First it was a rainbow beam, then a rainbow beam and sonic rainboom, and now, a rainbow circle. Is this convenient or just inconsistent?
• "The Stare" comes back...and it does not work on Discord. No surprise, there!
• I get a guilty pleasure watching Discord harass Angel Bunny, considering how that "wascially wabbit" keeps mistreating Fluttershy!
• The dancing candlesticks are a reference to something, but I can't seem to guess what it is. Oh, I know: The Lion King! (Nah, of course I realize it's Beauty and the Beast!)
• Discord says it: "Friendship is Magic!"


• If Celestia has a spell that can prevent the Elements of Harmony from being stolen, WHY DIDN'T SHE USE IT BEFORE?! If such a spell exists in that world, it would have been a convenient way to prevent them from being stolen from Discord in the first place.
• I can understand Princess Celestia wanting to reform Discord, but why the hell would she just leave him there for the others to look after while she goes to a Royal Summit? She wants to unleash a villain who can turn all off Equestira upside-down and inside out while she attends some summit? Seems like bad timing.
• Does anyone else question the ethics of "reformation spells"? I get that they exist in this world, as the Elements of Harmony transformed Nightmare Moon back into Luna (which raises the question as to how they didn't work that way on Discord). But even there, that really raises a lot of ethical questions, especially concerning free will. After all, if someone can be changed from bad to good, that says a lot about the non-existence of free will in that universe. Worse, what about changing someone from good to bad? What about mind control? What's to prevent a megalomaniac from simply brainwashing people into his mindless obedient slaves?
• Does Fluttershy's transformed living room remind anyone else of the shrinking room in Alice in Wonderland?
• Am I the only one to think that Fluttershy is way too trusting of Discord? I know she's trying to gain his trust, but this is ridiculous, especially when they get to Sweet Apple Acres, where she agrees never to use her Element of Harmony against him. Which leads to my next point....
• WHY DID FLUTTERSHY KEEP HER END OF THE BARGAIN AND AGREE NOT TO USE HER ELEMENT AGAINST DISCORD?!?! He clearly broke his end of the bargain, so there is no reason to keep her end of it. This is a breech of contract. She is well within her right to use it against him. But she doesn't. I...I...Facepalm...Double Facepalm...Headdesk!


• Mr. Beaverton Beaver disassembling his dam by removing a single twig.
• Fluttershy blushing. (The cuteness meter has self-imploded!)
• Discord turning a squirrel into a thug...with a heart tattoo! (I love this show!)
• Discord turning a bunny into a saber-toothed bunny.
• Discord dressed as a granny, pinching Fluttershy's cheek.
• Discord tossing his eyes like die, which rolls into two holes that transform into him.
• Discord snapping his tail and turning the beavers evil. To which he breaks the fourth wall to tell us "Whoospie!"
• Discord giving Fluttershy noogies and petting her, worrying her. ("Oh dear!")
• Angel fighting with Discord for his spot on the couch.
• Discord breaking Fluttershy's lamp and turning it into a replica of himself. (I agree: "All Better!")
• Discord dressed in Victorian garb sipping tea...while sitting across from Angel. (Hmm, Mad Hatter and March Hare reference?)
• Discord turning into a carrot and scaring Angel Bunny.
• Fluttershy's house spinning in midair.
• Angel Bunny uttering a Wilhelm Scream.
• Discord as a butler rolling out his tongue as a red carpet and appearing at the end of it.
• The gravy boat dog and the other animate table objects.
• Angel Bunny playing charades with the ponies. (Though I'm not sure how Rarity guessed "sweet Apple Acres" from Angel dropping an apple into the ice tea pitcher.)
• Discord waterskiing with the soup tureens.
• Discord ice skating and judging himself.


• Spike: "Maybe the visitor has a goat antler, a goat leg, a bat wing, and a snake tail."
Twilight: "Yeah right, that's Discord."
Rarity: "Why in the wide, wide world of Equestria would Princess Celestia bring along someone like that?"
Spike: "Maybe you should ask her!"

• Twilight: "With all due respect, Princess Celestia...HOW COULD YOU BRING DISCORD HERE?!"
Celestia: "I'm fully aware that the last time Discord was here, he created serious havoc."
Dash: "If by serious havoc, you mean turning Ponyville into the chaos capital of the world."
Rarity: "And tricking us all into being the exact opposite of our true selves."
Pinkie: "And making delicious chocolate milk rain all over the place without a single dollop of whip cream to go with it anywhere in sight...NOT A SINGLE DOLlOP!"

• Applejack: My trees are so waterlogged I can practically hear them gurggle.

• Discord: "Where you're a creature of chaos, stone body suits are not your typical go-to fashion choice.

• Dash: "You go Fluttershy!"

• Fluttershy: "Are you eating paper?"
Discord: "Am I? How odd of me!"

• Discord: "Do you like carrots, Angel? I'm playing your owner for a fool. How do you like them carrots?"

• Rarity: "This evening is sure to be a disaster. Glad I didn't bother wearing my fanciest outfit."

• Twilight: "There's something fishy going on." (Before being squirted by the soup tureen).

• Rarity: "Not the dress, NOT THE DRESS!"

• Dash: "You see Discord is behind all of this, right?"
Fluttershy: "Well, of course I do. Do you all think I'm a silly gullible fool?"

• Fluttershy: NOT...YOUR...FRIEND!

• Discord: "Yes, Princess, I'm ready to use my magic for good instead of evil...most of the time."