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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just For Sidekicks Recap

I know this is well over two weeks late, but hey, better late than never! And to think we only have two more episodes left.

This one was okay, especially for a Spike episode, which are the type of episodes I don't normally like.

Here's the episode along with my thoughts on it:

Just For Sidekicks

• From the pictures, we can see that Spike helped raise the Phoenix hatchling  from "Dragon Quest" before eventually returning him to his parents. This definitely provides closure to the character, as we haven't seen it since then. Nice to know that the writers can tie up threads like that.
• Only dragons are capable of eating jewels. What makes Spike think someone other than him ate them? (I'm not posting this as a question because it's rhetorical.)
• I like how they managed to animate the concave reflection in the spoon.
• I'm thankful that Fluttershy's knocking interrupted Spike's singing. I wasn't exactly ready for a sad Spike song about how he's too much of a glutton to bake a cake. We don't have many songs this season, and I'm hoping for quality over quantity.
• The others are going to help Princess Cadence greet the "Head of the Equestrian Games" in the Crystal Empire. The next episode is called "The Games Ponies Play." Hmm....
• Owlicious can carry the weight of Fluttershy and Angel Bunny. That's one strong owl!
• I really, REALLY love how Owlicious stares down Angel Bunny. I really do. I hate that little twerp, and it's only a shame that Owlicious didn't eat him.
• It's now been established that jewels are used for trade in Equestria. This definitely raises questions about their value, especially since we see the tiniest ruby used by the CMC to buy an industrial-sized hairdryer. Obviously the size of the jewel determines the value of it. So the other jewels must be rather costly, especially for the other ponies to just give away to a dragon to watch over their pets for a day. This would be like someone giving a C-note to have someone watch over their kids. Again, this only raises so many questions about their value and use in Equestria. They're rare enough to be valuable, but plentiful enough to be easily given away.
• Judging  from the glow around Tank's propeller, we can assume it's run by magic, and judging by how Spike manages to fix it without a problem, by Twilight's magic.
• Opal bats Tank on the head and nuzzles him. Knowing how aggressive she can be, this could have turned out much differently.
• Pinkie Pie was hiding under the sofa cushion. Why am I not surprised?
• Apparently, Angel Bunny's tail requires a lot of care.
• Watching the other ponies interact with their pets (especially Dash and Tank) before they leave is cute (though clearly Angel Bunny is still a prick).
• Of course Twilight is going to leave Owlicious with Spike. She certainly wasn't going to bring him with her.
• I love how Winona chases Angel Bunny. Again, I hate that twerp. (RELEASE THE HOUNDS!)
• The Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to earn their skydiving cutie marks.
• Looks like Screw Loose has been released from the hosptial.
• And Big Mac and Cheerilee are still dating. (FLUTTERMAC RAGE!)
• We see Poindexter has a job as salesman?
• Apparently the Girl Scouts exist in Equestria.
• Spike rolls the animals in a ball--Like Katamari Damacy!
• Granny Smith's wrinkles are extremely elastic! But then again, we knew that from "Apple Family Reunion."
• Sweetie Belle squeeing about the Crystal Empire. (Just like her big sister!)
• Donut Joe works on the train offering refreshments.
• I really love how the CMC get excited about the Crystal Empire and brag about it. It shows that they know about their big sister's adventures and are envious about it. Come to think about it, this episode sort of shows what the other ponies do when the main six are off on their adventures. That must be why this episode is called "Sidekicks."
• Carrot Top is visiting her coltfriend in the Crystal Empire.
• Dragon stomach growls are very loud.

• Clearly from this episode, we can see that Spike is capable of baking. So why was he such a klutz and bad cook in "Spike At Your Service"? (Even more reason for me to hate that episode!)
• Does anyone else find Rarity's yawn while Spike was explaining his proposal cute?
• What were Rainbow Dash and Rarity looking for in the well? We never see anything result from it.
• Why was Twilight suspicious about Spike looking after their pets? He looked after Fluttershy's animals in "Dragonshy."
• Why do the animals act all rambunctious when they're together. We saw in "May The Best Pet Win" that they play well with one another. So why the change here?
• Why does Spike go searching with the other animals for Bunny rather than leave them inside the library?
• Is that pink paint dripping from Owlicious?
• Um, what did Zecora accomplish, exactly, by donating Spike's jewel to charity?
• If the Cutie Mark Crusaders were going to jump off a bridge, wouldn't they be "Base Diving" not "Sky Diving"?
• How do the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who are clearly minors like Spike, count as chaparones.
• How did the animals open the cabin door?
• Why is Angel Bunny so eager to get to Fluttershy? Since when did that little twerp ever care about her?
• Now that I think about it, why was Spike left behind for their trip to the Crystal Empire. He did save it from total destruction, after all. He should be a guest of honor.

• Spike's gem smile.
• Spike gulping the last jewel before it could be dropped into the batter.
• Tank crashing into the house and leaving an imprint.
• Tank liking and nuzzling Dash.
• Pinkie Pie pretending to understand Gummy and getting it wrong.
• Dash looking twice before nuzzling Tank and then pretending to act cool.
• The Rainbow Dash balloon animal in the CMC treehouse.
• The industrial-sized pet hair dryer.
• CMC oogling over the Crystal Empire snow globes.
• Spike knocking down the luggage with his last jewel.

Dash: Tank is not some fuzzy little bunny. He can take care of himself. (Tank bashes into well roof.) He's a strong, fearless, and totally together pet. (Crashes into apple cart and house.)

Pinkie: Spike time is the best!

Pinkie: No no no, I love you more. (Louder) No, I love you more. (Shouting) I love you more!

Spike: And what I say goes.
Owlicious: Woo!
Spike: Spike, the boss of you. That's who!

Apple Bloom: A bunny-sitting cutie mark?
Sweetie Belle: That would be adorable!

Spike: And you can give me back that jewel I gave you.
Apple Bloom: Sorry, we don't have it anymore.
Spike: What? Why not?
Scootaloo: How else did you think we paid for the industrial-sized pet hairdryer?

Spike: (Giving Granny Smith his jewel) Then it's just between you and me, right? No other pony has to hear a word about it?
(Animals escape)
Granny Smith: A word about what now?

Apple Bloom: (Pulling out Scootaloo's feather) Don't make me use this.

Apple Jack: Oo-Wee! My Dogs are barking! (She sits and Winona barks.) Did you hear that? They really are!

Spike: Hello, thought we'd meet you at the station.
Sweetie Belle: So we can all hear about the Crystal Empire and find out if you brought us one of the snow globes that they sell at the train station.
Rarity: How did you know about the snow globes?
Sweetie Belle: Um, lucky guess?