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Friday, February 22, 2013

“Magical Mystery Cure” Recap

Took me long enough, but I finally have a recap for the Season 3 finale. You all know what my thoughts on the finale are, so let’s jump right into it:

Magical Mystery Cure

• Spike is still not a morning dragon.
• The colt with the cherry cutie mark walking alongside Mayor Mare was one of the ponies waiting in line at Sugarcube Corner in “Putting Your Hoof Down.”
• The sofa clerk also sells quills. Interesting marketing choice! (Though I find it interesting that he refers to Twilight as “kid.” Knowing Twilight, I would assume she would be a regular customer, and thus he would know her by name.)
• Twilight Sparkle does a mean Latin dance.
• The unicorn couple eating at the café has appeared in many Canterlot episodes including “Sweet and Elite.”
• Forget Rarity! Twilight has the best wet mane!
• Doctor Hooves seems to have changed his Cutie Mark into a crescent moon. Perhaps the Mane Six were not the only ponies who had their Cutie Marks switched.
• Who doesn’t love sleeping in the rain?
• Gummy is hanging out at Fluttershy’s—er, I mean, Rainbow Dash’s—cottage.
• The cat is the same one from “Read it or Weep.”
• Vinyl Scratch appears in Sugarcube Corner along with Bon Bon and Berry Punch.
• Was Spike just doing Gangham Style with the Groucho glasses?
• Pinkamena Diane Pie has returned—with a Southern drawl!
• I don’t know where, but I think I may have seen the dress with the grass headdress somewhere before.
• Bon Bon is one of the sunburned and snowbound ponies.
• Spike has seven-hour bubble baths. Funny. Sounds like something Rarity would do—which is why the two are obviously made for each other.
• Twilight neglected to sign for her package.
• The Elements of Harmony are stored in a glass case.
• So that’s the book that Luna was carrying at the end of “The Crystal Empire”!
• Spike suggests using the memory spell from “Return to Harmony” and Zecora’s cure in “The Cutie Pox” to fix Twilight’s accident.
• When Pinkie Pie said in “A Friend In Deed” that it was her job to make sure every pony was happy, she wasn’t kidding, considering how grumpy all the town ponies are.
• Was anyone else teary-eyed by Twilight’s sad song? Because I know I was.
• The group photo that always appears in the opening is framed above Twilight’s mantelpiece.
• Spike is extremely pleased to carry the case for the Elements of Harmony.
• Sheesh! The animals are about to eat Rainbow Dash alive! (If it was Scootaloo, they would be preparing chicken soup!)
• Angel Bunny happily eats his vegetables—unlike in “Putting Your Hoof Down.” (Still haven’t forgiven him for that!)
• Berry Punch being chased by a thundercloud.
• Seems like Rainbow Dash used that tornado trick she used in “Wonderbolt Academy” to good use.
• Oh gee, Twilight gets zapped with the Elements of Harmony. I guess this is where she gets transformed into an ali---oh my gosh, she just got obliterated!
• “Hello? Where am I? What is this place?” SPAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEEE!
• Looks like Twilight has been zapped into the Matrix!
• I guess this is what Celestia meant by taking Twilight to the next level of her studies in “The Crystal Empire.” It makes her actions back then make sense.
• Notice how Twilight appears to the others at night, and how she was zapped away during the day. You have to wonder how long the others were waiting for her, and what was going through their minds during that time. After all, they had just seen their best friend zapped away with nothing but a scorched mark left behind.
• I don’t care what the other bronies say: Alicorn Twilight is best pony! (And to think many have threatened to leave the fanbase because of it!)
• We get to hear new terms for the Elements: Charity, Compassion, Devotion, Integrity, Optimism, and Leadership.
• And everypony bows before her.
• Rainbow Dash’s coronation dress: Ri-Co-La!
• We get to see Twilight’s parents again, obviously teary-eyed and proud.
• Spike present’s Twilight’s crown.
• It’s Derpy!

• Why have the Ponyville pegasi not intervened in Rarity’s weather madness? I would assume there would be more than one pegasi other than Rainbow Dash in charge of the weather.
• How would Pinkie not know how to work on a farm if she grew up on one? Are rock farms simply different from regular farms? Well, obvious answer is obvious.
• What would have happened if Twilight did not recite Starswirl’s spell near the Elements of Harmony? Would it have had the same effect?
• Here’s something that ran through my mind: If the spell changed the Cutie Marks around the first time, would it not work again the second time around, or multiple times? It seems to me that Twilight could have cast the spell multiple times until the cutie marks were the way they originally were.
• Why does Fluttershy, a pegasus, need to take a balloon to Cloudsdale?
• You have to wonder what the Apple Family was doing with Apple Jack making dresses and Pinkie Pie ruining their farm. Did they simply allow this to happen?
• Well, this raises a lot of questions about alicorns. Is this how Celestia and the others became alicorns, or were they born that way? Is Twilight immortal, or does that apply only for Celestia and Luna? Now that Twilight is a princess, what is she a princess of? How will this new title affect her relationship with other ponies in the series? Obviously, she will be treated differently now than she was as a normal pony. And finally, did she learn how to fly before the coronation, or do alicorns instinctively know how to fly?

• Spike waking up, and falling back asleep.
• Twilight Latin dancing.
• Fluttershy with Groucho glasses.
• Pinkamena Diane Pie!
• Twilight: “Oo-ooo!”
• Fluttershy’s whoopee cushion.
• The bear hugging and kissing Fluttershy.
• The eye effects after each pony realizes their true destiny.
• Pinkie: “Alicorn Party!”
• Pinkie’s spit take.

• Rainbow Dash: Um, Hello? Friend trapped inside. Remember?
• Rarity: Oh my! What a terrible dream I just had…or maybe I’m still having it!
• Pinkie Pie: C’mon, ponies! I want to see you smile!
Ponies: Pinkie!
• Twilight: (Finishing Starswirl’s spell) From all of us together, together we are friends, with the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end.
• Rainbow Dash: Ha! Twilight’s got wings! Awe-some! A new flying buddy.
• Twilight: What do I do now? Is there a book about being a princess I should read?
• Twilight: “Today I consider myself the luckiest pony in Equestria.” (“Today I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth!”)
• Twilight: Are you crying?
Shining Armor: Of course not! It’s liquid pride. A totally different thing.

Wow! So this is where all the songs for Season 3 went! I have to admit Daniel Ingram outdid himself with this episode. I feel like Paw commenting on them all. So here we go:

• Morning in Ponyville. Don’t get me wrong: this is an excellent song—really upbeat and catchy. The problem is that it’s Twilight who sings it. I just don’t feel that Twilight would sing and act like this, especially in the morning. This is more fitting of Pinkie Pie. Overall, great song, but the singer is miscast.
• What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me. Well, it’s a simple song, and an effective one in providing exposition at a quick pace, but otherwise, it isn’t that special or memorable.
• I’ve Got To Find A Way. Does this remind anyone else of those sad pop songs that play on the radio?
• A True, True Friend. This is by far the best song and most memorable in the episode. Extremely catchy with its repetitive chorus. I’m still humming it to this day.
• Celestia’s Ballad. It’s Celestia singing. Need I say more?
• Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Meh! For what it is, it’s decent.
• Life In Equestria. Next verse, same as the first!