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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pony Couples: Cutie Mark Crusaders

Welcome back to yet another installment of Pony Couples. All through the month of February, I'm sharing my favorite My Little Pony shippings. This week, I’m featuring shippings of the show’s youngest: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, otherwise known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Let’s start this fan art series off with their leader, Apple Bloom, paired off with the better half of Trixie’s fanboy duo, Snips:

Toss Snips Another Ring, Apple Bloom by ~thedarklordkeisha on deviantART

While this is a fan pairing, it does have origins in the show. In The Cutie Pox, after Apple Bloom shows off her new cutie mark and special talent, we see Snips fawning over her. So in a way, this is a canonical shipping.

A Snips Pick Up Line by ~NikkyDash on deviantART

Snips really needs to work on his pickup lines.

Sweetie Dreams by ~gimpcowking on deviantART

Next up we have Sweetie Belle and Spike. I know I said I liked Rarity and Spike as a couple, but now that I think about it, he is a tad bit young for her. He would be better of hooking up with her little sister, and seeing them dance in A Canterlot Wedding, they do look like a cute couple.

Gift by ~PrinnyAniki on deviantART

Spike giving Sweetie Belle a Christmas gift…excuse me, I mean Hearth’s Warming Eve gift!

Sweetie Spike-Commission by =thetriforcebearer on deviantART

This picture of Sweetie Belle cuddling with Spike is so saccharin sweet, I think I’m going to need an insulin shot.

Sweet Valentine by ~PrinnyAniki on deviantART

I hope Sweetie Belle asked Rarity if she could use her rare blue rubies to make a Hearts and Hooves Day card for Spike.

Let Me Sing My Song For You by *TheSketchyEnigma on deviantART

Does teenage Sweetie Belle remind anyone else of Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2? Something tells me she’s singing "Real Emotion" here. Great! Now I’m imagining the CMC as the Gullwings. Sweetie Belle is Yuna, Apple Bloom is Rikku, and Scootaloo is Paine! Though I have a better time imagining them as the Kingdom Hearts 2 Gullwings.

September Love by ~lordvader914 on deviantART

A cute moment between Sweetie Belle and Spike. Rarity seems to be happy about this, though you have to wonder if she’s happy her little sister found a special somepony (or rather, somedragon), or that Spike is now off her shoulder.

MLP--Higher Than the Moon (commish) by *intelligent-zombie on deviantART

Various cute scenes featuring adult Sweetie Belle and Spike. Though I have to wonder what the two are doing in the bottom panel. Hope they’re using protection. Then again, Sweetie Belle is wearing leather.

My Favorite MLP Shipping by *xniclord789x on deviantART

Huh, I guess they weren’t using protection. Smart remarks aside, this is a cute scene, and a proper end result for the couple.

Rumble and Scootaloo sitting in a tree.. by ~Elslowmo on deviantART

Now we have the last of the three, Scootaloo, paired up with Rumblew. And what better way to end a movie date then to fall asleep on the couch in each others’ arms?

Scootaloo X rumble cuddle. by ~Skwareblox on deviantART

…K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a filly in the filly carriage.

Together we Fly by *adcoon on deviantART

I assume Scootaloo is heartbroken that Rainbow Dash has left for the Wonderbolt Academy, and Rumble is cheering her up, since his brother is also attending the academy.

Err... Scoots? by *DaringDashie on deviantART

Only fitting that Scoots and Rumble grow up to be Wonderbolts, considering how their older siblings (or role model in Scoot’s case) are becoming Wonderbolts.

Babs and Snails by ~pikurosonai00 on deviantART

And finally, we have the CMC’s newest member Babs Seed with Snails. If Snips is paired with somepony, it’s only fair that Snails gets a special somepony too. And what better match than Babs? I guess it has to be the hair. They have similar hairstyles, don’t they?