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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pony Couples: Mr. And Mrs. Cake

Welcome back to yet another installment of Pony Couples. All this month, I'm sharing my favorite My Little Pony shippings. And how fitting is it that this week’s post is on St. Valentine’s Day, or as it’s known in Equestria, Hearts and Hooves Day?

This week, I’m highlighting yet another official couple: Mr. and Mrs. Cake, otherwise known as Carrot and Cup Cake.

As with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, despite them being an official couple, they’re also not very well-received. In fact, the birth of their twins, Pound and Pumpkin, a pegasus and unicorn, led many fans to speculate that Mrs. Cake was unfaithful to Mr. Cake, and thus the two are sometimes depicted in fan art cheating with other characters.

I feel this is unfair. There is no reason to believe that Mrs. Cake cheated on her husband. Yes, Mr. Cake’s explanation on how two earth ponies could end up with unicorn and pegasi children is extremely convoluted, but at least it makes more sense than saying Mrs. Cake cheated on her husband with a unicorn and pegasus, which would not biologicaly produce such a result.

Anyway, with that rant aside, here is my favorite fan art of the two:

Cake Date by ~ParadigmPizza on deviantART

A cute simple picture of the two nuzzling noses.

Cake War by ~Graciegirl328 on deviantART

Something tells me these two may have been rivals when they were little. How else do you explain that both of them have cakes as their cutie marks?

Carrot and Cup at the prom by ~Ghost-Peacock on deviantART

Oh yes, this is exactly how I imagined they looked like in high school.

mr y mrs cake by ~rainygami on deviantART

Un retrato humano de Senor y Senora Pastel. Y sí, como se sabe, el artista es el español.

mr and mrs cake by ~Rackas on deviantART

Yet another human portrait, and a somewhat more realistic one.

birth is magic by ~lexx2dot0 on deviantART

I don’t know whether or not this is Greek or Russian, but your guess is as good as mine, as is the rest of the comic.

MLP: The Cakes by ~Dulali on deviantART

A lovely picture of the two with their twin foals.

The Cakes Nightmare Night by *johnjoseco on deviantART

The family out on their first Nightmare Night.

Family Photobomb by *TehJadeh on deviantART

And what family portrait would be complete without Pinkie Pie?

Furry Pop: MLP Mr. and Mrs. Cake by ~CaseyLJones on deviantART

Looks like Mr. Cake just became a beefcake! :D